Noxopharm clinches new corporate and investor websites

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Noxopharm website

Do you find the need for your website to communicate to separate audiences, like clients and investors? Consider having a unique site for each group as an effective way to serve your different audiences.

Creating a specialised website for each audience would make more sense as it would provide content that targets their specific requirements. Each site would give a customised digital experience as users browse pages that are tailor fit for them. For instance, your corporate website would present products or services for customers, while your investor site would offer information for stakeholders’ investment decisions.

With both websites having your branding, users can easily access your investor site from your corporate website and vice versa. Your corporate site would have the same design as your investor site, clearly indicating both are one company.

For a great example on how it’s done right, get a closer look at Noxopharm’s new corporate and investor websites:, Noxopharm (ASX:NOX) is an Australian clinical-stage drug development company pioneering life-changing therapies through innovative science.

Noxopharm on devicesNoxopharm's corporate and investor websites are functions fluidly on desktop or mobile.

Noxopharm recently enhanced its corporate website to address a more technical target audience, such as partners, doctors and the scientific community. This site conveys how the company is focused on developing new treatment options for a broad range of solid tumour cancers and septic shock.

Among its salient features, Noxopharm’s corporate site contains an Our Science section, which details its publications, related research and white papers. Its Our Programs segment also explains its oncology and drug development programs as well as COVID-19 clinical trial. Not to be missed are the company's milestones visually displayed in an interactive timeline

Additionally, Noxopharm launched its investor website that primarily focuses on current shareholders to better inform them. It likewise targets potential investors to give them readily available information that would help them progress in their investor journey. This dedicated site includes key elements, like its investment proposition, share price info, ASX announcements, financial reports and presentations. Investors can even subscribe to receive company updates through the site.

Noxopharm’s website was tailor-made using IRM’s HQi content management system and Newsroom news delivery app. What a pleasure for IRM to partner with Noxopharm in maximising its online investor presence.

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