OceanaGold website sets a new benchmark

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OceanaGold website

That feeling of achievement when you finally upgrade your website.

You're frustrated with your website because it's hard to manage. You want to announce your new business venture or post your CEO’s video interview but how? You can’t even update the pages because the system requires a web developer for simple amends.

It’s definitely time for change!

Indeed, regular updates on your website can help your business grow. These upkeeps don’t only pertain to content. It also means upgrading your site’s design and technology. After all, your website’s look and functionality need to keep up with the times.

Because in our rapidly developing internet technology, the goal is to make your website better to provide the best possible user experience for customers and investors. Plugins and web apps can even be integrated into your site to enhance user engagement. So, you can stay ahead of your competitors.

It’s easier than you think, especially with the right support system to set things up. See how OceanaGold pulled things off with its latest website here.

OceanaGold is a multinational gold producer committed to the highest standards of technical, environmental and social performance. It’s listed in both ASX and TSX as OGC.

OceanaGold on mobileOceanaGold's responsive website works smoothly on any screen size. 

First off, OceanaGold refreshed its website design to showcase its significant pipeline of organic growth opportunities. This custom-designed site was made even more unique with the use of the company’s own images. A brilliant way to convey its portfolio of established operating assets in New Zealand, U.S.A. and the Philippines.

Peek into its Investor Centre and you’ll see how important information are organised to address TSX and ASX investors. Its share prices are also reflected in each of the stock exchanges.

Updating the website with its latest news, insights and blog posts is effortless. As the site is wired to automatically publish on selected web pages, with the option to send out announcements via email or social media as well.

Moreover, the website can continue to grow with the business as different elements are added or improved, such as its sections on Sustainability and Careers. What a promising website to benchmark on!

OceanaGold’s website was built in collaboration with IRM’s Newsroom news delivery app. As online investor communications specialists, IRM were pleased to support OceanaGold in boosting their online investor presence.

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