Polymetals Resources website gets a head start on IPO

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Polymetals website

Getting ready for an initial public offering (IPO) takes a lot of work. You have a prospectus to draft, roadshows to coordinate, investors to win over. With so many to-dos, the last thing you’ll probably think about is your website.

But the amount of communication involved when your company goes public cannot be underestimated. New regulations and processes will be in place as stock exchanges like the ASX have requirements on what information to publish and when.

Your website is that vital communication and compliance tool you simply cannot go without as you prepare to list. It’s an essential part of your communications strategy to help cover all your bases. So, rather than doing your website last, why not build it first.

Polymetals Resources’ website is one new site that demonstrates this well as it made a head start on IPO communications. Polymetals is an Australian mining and exploration company developing gold projects in Guinea, West Africa.

Polymetals on devicesPolymetals' website works effortlessly no matter what device investors use.

While Polymetals was working on its prospectus and regulatory requirements, its website was developing in step with the company’s IPO progress. The site was establishing its online presence as it presented key facts about the company, its board and management team, as well as projects.

On its investor centre, stakeholders will quickly find its IPO prospectus, which investors can quickly download should they prefer to read it offline. Meanwhile, its homepage prominently displays its “Why Invest” section beside a gold price chart to help put things in perspective for investors.

To be sure, Polymetals’ website is on track to support the company’s communications, from pre-IPO to listing, even throughout its growth as a public entity. After all, the site is fitted out to easily post information and announcements, so it’s continually up to date and relevant for investors.

Polymetals’ website was built on IRM’s HQi content management system. IRM was thrilled to partner with Polymetals in getting its online investor presence jump started.

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