Power Minerals website highlights new name of PepinNini Minerals

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Power Minerals website

It’s common for companies to rebrand even after they have been established. Businesses rebrand for various reasons, such as expanding to international markets, adopting new philosophy or changing strategic plans.

No matter what reason for your rebrand, the process is a brilliant way to breathe new life into your business. Your rebrand is a perfect opportunity to reestablish your company's vision and mission as you rethink about your market and investor audience. It’s the best time to redefine the way your company presents itself through every communication channel, especially your website.

Evidently, your rebrand will pave the way to revamping your website’s look and feel. Recreating your site will not only be ideal in updating content and refreshing layout. It would also be advantageous to push for improved navigation and innovative features for better site performance.

Discover how newly rebranded Power Minerals sets the bar it in its freshly launched website: www.powerminerals.com.au.

Power Minerals (ASX: PNN) is a diversified ASX-listed mineral resources exploration company with a portfolio of projects in demand driven commodities and is focused on the systematic exploration and development of these projects. Formerly PepinNini Minerals, the company recently changed its name to better reflect its renewed focus on its battery and technology metals projects.

Power Minerals on devicesPower Minerals’ website renders without a hitch on any screen size or device.

Have a look at Power Minerals’ homepage to witness how its neat aesthetics invite engagement in a clutter free design. You’ll immediately see its share price at the banner, while its projects, ASX announcements and presentations are conveniently lined up for quick access. Each of these key elements are linked to dedicated sections within the site for more details.

As you go through Power Minerals’ web pages, be sure to stop by its Investor Centre for a first-rate example of an information hub investors will appreciate. Fully stacked with annual reports and financial reports, this section also invites investors to subscribe to email alerts.

Previously, Power Minerals found it hard to update its website and always needed web developers to make even simple changes. At present, with its new site’s user-friendly setup, updating content is a breeze, even without web dev skills. Moreover, the company now enjoys an automated delivery of its ASX announcements to investors. How good is that?

Power Minerals’ website was customised on IRM’s HQi content management system and IRM Newsroom for ASX-listed companies. IRM was delighted to team up with Power Minerals as part of optimising its online presence.

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