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There's a lot happening in the business world. A lot of news coming out from different sources online. Some would venture to say information overload abounds. But other non-techy lot may not even know where to start looking for news about your company.

So, how would you deliver your news right, particularly to investors?

With your company alone, you have various sources of news about your business. You have your ASX announcements, the key piece of news for ASX-listed companies. When it’s released, it’s published on the ASX website and through its news distribution service.

Aside from your ASX announcements, you have other company news, like your regular newsletter or thought leadership articles. Then there’s news items from investor relations service providers to amplify your news, like video interviews, podcasts or sponsored research. Not to forget, news service platforms, like Proactive Investors, which furnish a feed of relevant media articles about your company and industry.

All these news sources are great! They help fine tune the investor journey of current and potential shareholders as they engage with your business.

Now, how do you manage to deliver all these news directly to your investors?

Newsroom Proactive desktopClick the image to see how Alkane Resources' website delivers its news seamlessly. 

Tapping the right tools is important to give investors full access to your news so they stay connected with what's happening. This will keep stakeholders informed about important issues related to your business.

The IRM Newsroom and Proactive Investors tandem

Consider IRM Newsroom and how it dovetails with Proactive Investors’ news feed.

IRM Newsroom is a news delivery tool for ASX-listed companies. It collects your company news and distributes it to your online channels, like your website, email subscribers and social media, in one click. It smoothly integrates with any website as well.

How does it work?

When your announcement is lodged on the ASX website or a news item about your company is published, IRM Newsroom will instantly send you an automated email alert, prompting you to release the article to your distribution channels with the simple click of a button. Or you can set it to automatically publish certain updates without the approval step. Upon approval, your news will simultaneously be sent to your chosen channels within a minute of its release.

All the better with a Proactive Investors news feed. Your investors will enjoy a wider array of high-quality content that offer valuable data for their decision making. With this best pairing, Proactive Investors’ published articles about your company can be automatically added into IRM Newsroom as a news source.

Newsroom Proactive tabletTap the image to check out how Element25's website keeps on top of its news delivery.  

IRM Newsroom will simply filter news from Proactive Investors based on your ticker code, so your investors will not miss any news about your company. You’ll be able to amplify your news while extending the value of your Proactive news subscription. How about that?

So, wherever your news will be coming from, you can rest assured IRM Newsroom will properly compile and disseminate them through your website, sent to investor emails or posted on LinkedIn, per your preference. That’s more investor communication done with a lot less work.

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