SEO Strategy: The impact of separate investor websites

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SEO and microsite

  • Integrate investor-related content into your main corporate website as generally recommended for SEO reasons.
  • Assess the specific needs of your company for scenarios where having a separate investor website might be beneficial. 
  • Implement proper cross-linking strategies and ensure that both your main corporate website and investor site complement each other.


Do you have a corporate website with investor-related content? Or maintain a separate microsite for investor relations purposes?

The debate surrounding these different strategies continues to intrigue top executives and IR professionals alike. While there are merits to both approaches, understanding the implications for search engine optimisation (SEO) is paramount.

Find out how having a separate microsite can impact SEO and explore tactics to mitigate potential drawbacks.


1. Fragmented content

One of the primary drawbacks of having separate websites is the fragmentation of content. Google and other search engines favour consolidated, authoritative sources of information. Key investor-related content dispersed across different domains may hinder the overall SEO strength of your corporate domain.

2. Backlink dilution

Inbound links, or backlinks, play a pivotal role in SEO. With separate websites, backlinks could be divided, diluting their impact. Consolidating content on a single domain concentrates backlinks, potentially bolstering the authority and ranking of your primary site.

SEO contentConsolidating content on your corporate website strengthens SEO.

3. Domain authority

Search engines consider domain authority when determining search rankings. By centralising investor-related content on your main corporate site, your existing domain authority is leveraged, enhancing the likelihood of higher search result rankings.

4. User experience

From a user experience perspective, visitors may find it inconvenient to navigate between two separate websites. This could result in higher bounce rates and lower engagement, which can negatively impact your SEO.

5. Duplicate content

Maintaining similar or duplicate content on two separate websites can lead to SEO issues. Search engines may penalise your sites for duplicate content, considering it as an attempt to manipulate search rankings.

6. Maintenance challenges

Managing and updating content on two separate websites can be more challenging and time-consuming than maintaining a single, comprehensive site. Regularly updating and adding fresh content is a positive SEO factor, and a unified site makes this process more straightforward.

7. Analytics and reporting

Keeping track of your website performance, analytics, and reporting becomes more complex when dealing with multiple domains. A consolidated approach simplifies data analysis and helps in making informed decisions to improve SEO.

SEO backlinkHaving a separate investor website may be beneficial for certain scenarios.


While integrating investor-related content into your main corporate website is generally recommended for SEO reasons, there are scenarios where having a separate investor site might be beneficial. Here are some situations where it might make sense to maintain a separate investor website:

  • Diverse audience. If your corporate website caters to a diverse audience with a wide range of interests, and you want to provide a dedicated space for investors that is highly specialised and focused, a separate investor site may be appropriate. This allows you to tailor the content specifically for the investor community without cluttering the main site. Supposing your corporate website also serves an e-commerce platform or an online store where visitors can simply order your products. Perhaps your biotech site has a huge section on pipelines and trials to communicate to the scientific viewers. Then it's more viable to have a different investor website to address your distinctive groups.
  • Legal and compliance requirements. In some industries, there are strict legal and compliance requirements related to investor communications. A separate investor website might be necessary to ensure that all your investor-related information is presented in a compliant manner without the risk of non-investor content affecting regulatory compliance.
  • Distinct branding and messaging. Does your investor audience require a distinct branding and messaging strategy? Is your IR function significant enough to warrant a separate identity? Then a dedicated investor website can provide the platform for this specialised communication. 
  • Complex financial data. If your company deals with complex financial data and reports, having a separate investor website can facilitate a more organised and streamlined presentation of financial information. Investors may appreciate a focused environment for accessing and analysing your financial reports.

SEO analyticsEnsure that both your corporate website and investor site complement each other.

  • Interactive features. Some companies may want to offer certain interactive features for investors, such as advanced financial calculators, interactive charts, or investor-specific tools. A separate website could allow for the implementation of these features without affecting your main corporate site's user experience.
  • Mergers and acquisitions. In cases where there are mergers or acquisitions, maintaining a separate investor website during the transitional period might be practical. This helps in providing clear and dedicated information to investors about the changes, without overwhelming your main corporate site.
  • Global operations. For multinational corporations with diverse investor bases across different regions, a separate investor website can help customise content for particular regions or markets. This would address the unique needs and regulatory requirements of each.

Striking a balance

When considering a separate investor website, it's crucial to assess the specific needs of your company, its investor base, and the regulatory environment in which it operates. Additionally, implementing proper cross-linking strategies and ensuring that both the main corporate site and the investor website complement each other can help mitigate some of the potential SEO drawbacks associated with maintaining different sites. 

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