Sunstone Metals website notches up with new gear

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Sunstone Metals website

In the current digital-first environment, having a website you can regularly update is essential. This online shift accelerated by the pandemic has caused investors to have high expectations on digital access to information.

As everyone switches to digital, you cannot afford to be left behind like other businesses that stand still, waiting for things to go back to normal, right? Has your company adapted your communication strategies to match the new digital-first standards of investor audiences?

Managing your website while maintaining your brand will enable you to stand out in the digital world. You’ll have better chances of success when you can easily update your site and keep your messaging consistent to investors.

See how it’s done right with new websites of ASX-listed companies, like that of Sunstone Metals: Sunstone (ASX:STM) is a mineral exploration company with high-quality gold and copper assets in Ecuador.

Sunstone’s website opens with a home page that remarkably delivers information with supporting visuals about the company, like its share price as well as charts showing copper and gold prices. Its clean layout makes it easy to find links to its ASX Announcements, presentations, and corporate videos.

Sunstone on devicesSunstone’s website operates smoothly no matter what device or screen size.

Among its engaging features, Sunstone’s website showcases a historical timeline for the company’s milestones. Its top 20 shareholders list from Computershare is also consistently updated in its Investor Centre, where you’ll find a wide array of investor info, such as annual reports, share price chart and AGM details.

In its Projects section, Sunstone’s website effectively communicates its assets: the Bramaderos Gold-Copper Project and El Palmar Copper-Gold Project. The site also elaborates on the company’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards within its ESG segment. How cool is that?

Better yet, Sunstone’s website can be effortlessly updated even without web developer skills. ASX announcements can even be emailed to investors as they are published on the site. What a way to keep investor information fresh and relevant for timely decision-making.

Sunstone’s website was suited up with IRM’s HQi content management system and Newsroom news delivery app. It was exciting for IRM to be part of strengthening Sunstone’s online investor presence.

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