Tartana Minerals maps out website with new brand

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Tartana website

Having a smart website is topmost for any business, particularly when rebranding. For ASX-listed companies, this is especially crucial as it directly impacts corporate image and investor relations during the transition. Ensuring the site can effectively progress to its new brand is key to maintaining continuity for long-term shareholders while appealing to potential ones.

Tartana Minerals’ (ASX:TAT) latest site was designed with these principles in mind as it evolved from its former name, R3D Resources. The company is a significant copper-zinc-gold explorer and developer in the prospective Chillagoe Region in North Queensland. Explore its website at www.tartanaminerals.com.au.

From the homepage, Tartana’s website lays out a visually welcoming and informative first impression. It features a modern design with intuitive navigation for effortless access to key sections, such as its corporate video, investment proposition and share price.

Tartana on tabletTartana's website renders smoothly no matter the screen size or device.

Its About Us section provides a comprehensive overview of Tartana, detailing its name change and its focus on the Chillagoe Region in North Queensland. This section also introduces its leadership team and corporate governance, as it aims to build rapport with investors.

More about the company’s various mining operations are located in its Projects section. This area of the website includes full descriptions of current projects, complete with maps and images. Each project page is designed to give investors a clear understanding of the scope, progress, and potential returns of Tartana’s mining endeavours.

For all investor-related information, its Investor Centre is a dedicated hub that includes ASX announcements, annual reports, share price. This section is regularly updated to provide the most current facts, so investors have all the data they need to make informed decisions. Its easy-to-navigate interface makes it simple to find the info they need quickly too.

Tartana worked with its web dev partner IRM to rebrand its website in conjunction with its name change. Discover hundreds of ASX-listed companies we serve here. We can help with yours as well. Chat us today on +61 2 8705 5444 or clientrelations@irmau.com.