The Queensland Exploration Council unveils dynamic website QE-Connect

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Websites have emerged as powerful conduits for driving investments, facilitating collaboration between companies and investors, and nurturing sustainable growth. With this in mind, the Queensland Exploration Council (QEC) has seized the opportunity to launch their visionary platform QE-Connect. Check it out here:

This digital initiative isn't merely a website. It's a testament to QEC’s commitment to fostering teamwork, knowledge exchange, and sustainable practices within Queensland's exploration sector. With its features designed to empower stakeholders and enrich the community, QE-Connect is poised to redefine the way industry players engage within the region.

QEC on devicesQE-Connect works smoothly on mobile or desktop devices.

Begin your journey from QE-Connect’s homepage for a visually inviting welcome that encapsulates the essence of Queensland's vibrant exploration industry. Its sleek and user-friendly interface ensures that information is easily accessible, whether you're a seasoned industry professional or an enthusiastic newcomer. Just get a load of the curated images with quick links to key details, such as the ASX Announcements of member companies and ESG Toolbox for explorers.

Speaking of ESG, the ESG Toolbox on QE-Connect stands out as a valuable resource on environmental, social and governance matters. It empowers exploration companies with a toolkit for implementing sustainable practices, addressing key ESG concerns, and promoting responsible resource development. It also highlights the most commonly used ESG standards and frameworks as well as case studies of explorers acing ESG.

QEC Tech SummitKim Wainwright, QEC Chair, introduced QE-Connect and the ESG toolbox at the recent QEC Tech Summit.

Curious about the driving force behind QE-Connect? The About section provides a comprehensive overview of the QEC’s vision and objectives. Website visitors can gain insights into how the QEC is shaping the future of exploration and contributing to the growth of Queensland's resources sector. Its dedicated leadership team and volunteer management committee is presented here too.

For those eager to become part of this dynamic exploration community, the Membership section offers a gateway to connect with like-minded professionals. Becoming a member unlocks a wide array of benefits, including access to networking opportunities, industry events and the chance to contribute to industry discussions.

IRM at QEC Tech Summit The Hon. Scott Stewart MP, Minister for Resources, and Nicole Duguild, Director of Police QRC, with Ruchelle Erratt, IRM Client Relations Manager, at the QEC Tech Summit.

The Latest News and Events sections serve as dynamic hubs for staying updated on the latest developments, breakthroughs, and happenings in the exploration realm. From technological innovations to policy changes, QE-Connect ensures that member companies are at the forefront of industry trends.

Another brilliant feature of QE-Connect is the QLD Community Hub. This virtual space is where website users learn more about the precious resource commodities abundant in Queensland, such as critical minerals, coal, oil and gas. Demonstrating how the region’s resource commodities present promising opportunities for the industry and its investors.

QEC teamed up with IRM for its QE-Connect website to attract investments and promote the exploration industry in Queensland. What a pleasure for IRM to collaborate with the non-profit organisation to strengthen its online presence.

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