Tianqi website debuts into Australian lithium industry

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First impressions last forever. Even with businesses.

If you think your initial contact with investors or suppliers occurs on your first phone call, email or meeting – think again. Nowadays, a first impression with your company is usually made even before you reach out to them.

How? Through the world wide web, of course!

Investors will have Googled your website even before they get in touch with you. They will have used search engines to research about your brand and what your company can offer them.

Indeed, your first online web impression is that important. That’s why you need a professional-looking site that leaves a great impression on stakeholders. One that’s up to date and user-friendly. So, it’s easy to navigate pages as they seek information about your business.

Take a look at the recently launched Australian website of Tianqi Lithium, a global new energy materials company. Tianqi has developed a lithium hydroxide plant in the Kwinana Industrial Area, south of Perth in Western Australia.

Enter the website and you’ll quickly notice the clean aesthetics that go with vivid pictures depicting Tianqi’s story. Narrating its vision, mission and values as guiding principles for its operations.

A blog within the site highlights Tianqi’s relevant news and industry articles. Where you’ll learn how the company meets the demand for rechargeable batteries, driven by the electric vehicle and energy storage system industries.

Skim through its web pages and you’ll find sections on Tianqi’s sustainability ethos, health, safety and environment goals, as well as community involvement. There’s also a careers page that showcases job openings for building up its team.

The company's website is ready to expand with Tianqi's growth as the opportunity arises. Meanwhile, the site presents itself as the authority for all information about its operations in Australia.

Tianqi’s website was created through HQi from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were delighted to work with Tianqi on establishing their online investor presence.

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