5 moves to enhance investor communications amid market uncertainty

30-Jun-2022 by IRM
IR comms

Investors are constantly on the lookout for news about your company, especially in the current business environment. What with volatility due to soaring inflation and rising interest rates coupled with slowing growth, to name a few dynamics.

It's ideal to keep communications going in this present economic outlook as investors are typically anxious about uncertainties. In this setup, stakeholders would be gauging if you continue to be active or if you've fallen under the list of investments to be booted out once the market recovers.

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How to maximise your investor presentation for your website

30-Jun-2022 by IRM
IR presentation

Your corporate presentation is one of the first things investors search for to find out more about your business. It’s your unique opportunity to tell your story in a manner that sets your best foot forward.

Without a doubt, your investor presentation carries a clear communication of your company’s evolving story. It’s an effective platform that conveys your management’s vision, market opportunities and competitive advantage. It essentially promotes your product launches, access to different markets and moves in growth strategies.

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IR digitalisation: Top 3 online communication channels for investor relations

31-May-2022 by IRM
IR digitalisation

All around the world companies are going digital in their workflows, including in their investor relations (IR) efforts. Adopting digitalisation as an essential part of IR was fast tracked by the pandemic and the progressively global nature of capital, according to a recent industry report.

Embracing this new face of IR enables businesses not only to gain smarter workflows that promote efficiency. It also empowers them to thrive during tough times, particularly in the past two years wherein working remotely and on mobile have become commonplace.

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How your Annual Report gains advantage with IR design experts

25-May-2022 by IRM
Annual Report

June year-end companies, how are you going with your annual report design this year?

Will you have it designed in house or outsourced? Will you be taking on a design agency or an investor relations (IR) focused design team?

Communicating to the investor market calls for a dedicated expertise, particularly for collateral such as annual reports. That’s why companies engage IR design professionals with a wealth of experience to craft these compliance documents that doubly serve as marketing tools.

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Bayrock Resources readies website for IPO plans

11-May-2022 by IRM
Bayrock Resources

Getting your website ready for your initial public offering (IPO) is important even before a formal announcement of your move to the market.

Setting up your website prior to your IPO launch will help investors know about your company, your management, and your investment proposition. It will help broadcast your intention to float and will be vital for your investor roadshow.

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How to make your Annual Report go from good to great

27-Apr-2022 by IRM
Annual Report image

An annual report is a vital part of running your business. It conveys your company's beliefs and objectives. It is crucial to your organisation’s transparency and responsibility.

More than a legal requirement, an annual report is an affirmation of who you are, what you do and how you achieve. It is strategic in raising brand awareness and engaging with investors.

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3 website tactics for biotech companies

19-Apr-2022 by IRM
Biotech website

Biotechnology is making an impact in people’s lives through therapeutics, diagnostics, agri-biotech, among others. With the increased demand for biotech products, this sector is expected to continue its vibrant growth in the coming years. No wonder the biotech industry is rapidly progressing into a highly competitive market.

In the midst of competition, biotech companies need a solid online presence to show off their products and services. A strong website will highlight research and news about their company, particularly for startups. This will help to be visible to key audience, including investors who are making crucial decisions about their venture.

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Black Mountain Energy gears up website for ASX listing

29-Mar-2022 by IRM
Black Mountain website

Pursuing an initial public offering is playing in the big leagues. It means choosing the right partners to work with as your IPO is in the works. Getting all the expert support to execute your plans for a successful listing.

As you put together your IPO team and build your board, you’ll want to strategise your investor roadshow and communications. You’ll be appealing to a broader investor community, providing ongoing communications during the whole listing process and onwards.

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ESG best practices for your investor website

29-Mar-2022 by IRM
ESG on website

For several years now, environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosures have been a key focus in global capital markets. On the home front, Australian regulators are likewise intensifying their focus on ESG. Mandatory reporting is expected to be close at hand as the current voluntary requirement may soon be a thing of the past.

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IRM Events: Event management at your fingertips

29-Mar-2022 by IRM
IRM Events image

Investor events are important components of your company’s investor relations. Roadshows, investor conferences, annual meetings and investor days are some of the brilliant means to connect with investors.

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5 benefits of securing your corporate website

28-Feb-2022 by IRM
SSL Certificate

“Not secure.”

Seen that message next to a web address? (Hopefully, not on your website.)

Google displays that label on sites that don’t use an SSL Certificate (or Secure Sockets Layer certificate). This digital certificate delivers secure, encrypted communications between your website and any browser used by your clients or investors.

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IRM HQi 7.2 Release Notes: event management, email campaign updates and more

28-Feb-2022 by IRM
HQi 72

New enhancements await users like you in HQi’s upgraded system that powers your website. HQi has once again boosted its performance with fresh features and elevated existing ones to make your user experience better. Because you deserve no less.

A new event management feature, email campaign improvements and an expanded delivery of ASX announcements are just some of the latest capabilities of HQi. Check out its cutting-edge highlights below:

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Guardian Medical Solutions website reflects new brand

08-Feb-2022 by IRM
Guardian Medical Solutions website

Reinventing your brand is a smart way for your business to be relevant as you compete in the marketplace. It’s a clever strategy to stay current amid evolving industry trends.

However, you’ll need to ensure your new brand makes a positive impact to your clients. Not only that, but you’ll also want to guarantee a smooth transition for investors. You wouldn’t want to confuse stakeholders when you engage under a name with a different logo, right?

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INOVIQ website poises company for growth

02-Feb-2022 by IRM
INOVIQ website

Business is good and you’re looking for ways to make it even better. In fact, your industry is positioned for growth and your company is poised to expand along with it. So, you’re shifting gears to offer finer products that will take your venture to the next level.

But is your website ready to support your game-changing plans? Will it allow you to make changes to your site without having to flex a technical muscle?

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Sheffield Resources refreshes website, fosters sustainability

28-Jan-2022 by IRM
Sheffield Resources website

Investors are putting more value on sustainability than ever before. Seeing how companies care about people and the environment not only generates good feelings about doing business with these organisations. It also influences their decision making on investments with these businesses.

As companies strive to give back to society and their communities, so they are recognised as more responsible and benevolent. That’s why the corporate website's presentation of sustainability is essential for investors. A dedicated Sustainability section is where stakeholders could find out about companies’ commitment to social efforts and their stories on sustainability.

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Influencing online behaviour of Investors – attracting and keeping their attention

27-Jan-2022 by Martin Spry
Attract investors

Congratulations, you’ve attracted an “investor” to your online touchpoint!

Someone has found your website, social media post, ASX announcement, online report. What happens next might be the start of a wonderful relationship. Or just a brief fling!

To help understand what’s happening, we need to get inside the head of the investor visitor.

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5 reasons to review your website regularly

27-Jan-2022 by IRM
Website review regularly

Your website is a major representation of your company. That’s why monitoring your site is a must to keep it well maintained and attractive, especially to investors.

Regularly checking your website for any concerns will get it updated and relevant. This will result in a strong site that will help your business grow as it drives traffic and strengthens your Google rankings.

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Myopharm locks in online presence with new website

17-Jan-2022 by IRM
Myopharm website

Is your company a new kid on the block? Your online presence will be vital to the success of your latest venture.

A professional-looking website will best represent your business and give it the exposure it needs. As investors find you on the web, your online presence will improve the credibility of your organisation.

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XPON Technologies powers website for ASX debut

12-Jan-2022 by IRM
XPON website

Is your company website missing out on corporate content for investors? Then you’re probably kissing goodbye opportunities for stakeholder engagement.

The investor section of your site is one of the most important sources of information for stakeholders. Investors access this segment to tap into your investment proposition and key financials before making a decision, especially when you’re listing on the ASX.

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Cue Energy website gains upgraded features

19-Nov-2021 by IRM
Cue Energy website

Still remember the last time you updated your website? If it’s been a while, your site may probably look outdated and unappealing now. It might be time for a site refresh to shake up your online communications and make it more effective.

You can’t just set and forget your website after launching it. Your site is a work in progress that will advance several times to better represent your business. It doesn’t have to be a major overhaul, as long as you have a scalable system that powers your site.

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