3 ways to improve your news delivery to investors  

News delivery

News Delivery

Investors want the news. Now. Especially with uncertainty in the markets pushing for companies to give clear and timely information.

Your news determine how investors progress through their investment journey. They move from stranger to advocate, based on decisions triggered mainly by your company news.

That’s why you need to send investors your news wherever they are online. Whether it’s through your website, email, social media or news distribution channels.

Just do it straightaway. For better engagement with them.

Here are 3 ways to enhance your communication of news to investors:

1. Deliver your news immediately

Provide prompt distribution of ASX announcements to your website, email subscribers and social media accounts. Having an automated system or quick authorise process would help publish your news instantly. It will save you time while you deliver news quickly. Without delay!

Deliver news immediatelySend your news quickly through your website, email or social media network. 

2. Tailor your message

Put a short message for each ASX announcement to briefly explain it. This little introduction can elaborate more on the title of the article.

Then choose your distribution channels per announcement. Not all news items should be emailed to your subscribers, right? Some may just be posted on the website, while others can be shared through your LinkedIn page or Twitter account. Determine which news items go into specific channels. Whether it's published through your website, sent via email or posted on your social media network.

Tailor your messageProvide a brief introduction of what your news is all about.

3. Expand your reach

Your company news isn’t limited to your ASX announcements alone. Your corporate blog is another way of communicating updates with your investor audience. So, forward it as news too!

You can also relay news from other media sources when they talk about your company or your industry. Include other third-party sources, like ABN Newswire, Boardroom Media, Financial News Network and Proactive Investors.

Expand your reachShare your blog posts and media articles as part of your news.

In short 

If you want to strengthen your news delivery to investors, relay your news immediately. Don't delay! It would also help to tailor your messages for specific distribution channels and expand your reach with other news sources. These best practices will help you better communicate with investors as they make decisions regarding your company.

Sending news can be a lot easier

IRM Newsroom makes sending your news effective, easy and quick. It’s a great investor communication tool preferred by many ASX-listed companies.

Newsroom also manages your email subscribers list, right from your website. It integrates with any site, provides email statistics and more. 

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in June 2018 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.