IRM Newsroom can streamline your investor communications

There are not enough hours in the day. Here we look at IRM Newsroom, a simple way of streamlining one key part of your investor communications.

Newsroom ensures that your interested investors will find out about your ASX Announcements and be able to read about them on your website – immediately once the announcement is released. With very little (or no) effort by you!

Life as an investor relations person is busy and stressful. There are so many things to achieve in the annual calendar – all the work that goes into planning, then reaching corporate milestones, arranging and delivering investor presentations, creation of ASX announcements and reports, driving media engagement, managing a range of stakeholder groups, and so much more.

For good reason, the investor relations people and company secretaries that we meet find it hard to ensure that everything to do with their communications runs like clockwork and happens at the right time.

It’s a difficult process

One potential client that we spoke with recently described the chain of events she had to go through in order to successfully lodge and then communicate an ASX announcement. The steps were:

  • Log into ASX Online, lodge the announcement;
  • Wait for a confirmation from the Issuers Office;
  • Take the announcement (make sure its the correct version!), and load it onto the corporate website – into the ASX Announcements area, maybe onto the home page, and then upload it again if it’s something like a presentation or Quarterly Report, into another section. If its more difficult, she contacts the web support people and get them to upload it for her -when they can fit it into their schedules.
  • Log into Outlook, write an email using a stored template which needs updating a bit, double check it, ensure the addresses are all in the BCC field (and not the To field!), and then send the email – and waiting while the desktop computer sends them one at a time, and deal with the bouncebacks and unsubscribes;
  • Post the announcement to the company’s social media channels

She was using tools for this process which were mostly all free, but the whole process was so frustratingly time consuming! How free is that? And of course when is the busiest time for an IR person? Just after an Announcement is released. Not the time to be doing all this clumsy admin work.

Accompanying her irritation was a guilty admission that, sometimes investors didn’t get updated for hours, or even a day or more, because other business-critical tasks got in the way. One investor even commented to her (when she thought she’d one well and completed all this within an hour of the announcement being released on ASX) that by the time he got her email the market had moved, and she might as well not have bothered. Frustrating. And of course no-one would ever admit to accidentally sending out a wrong version of the announcement.

Streamlining your comms

The scenario described by our potential (and now, actual!) client was something that IRM cottoned onto years ago, when best practice guidelines were upgraded regarding the timeliness of investor communication.  In response to demand from listed companies, we created IRM Newsroom, which today is loved by well over 100 ASX listed companies.

Here’s how it works

  • IRM Newsroom enables ASX listed companies to manage their website, email alerts and social media news updates with the single click of a button. Set up your standard preferences for new distribution by type of announcement. Define which different types of news go where on the website, which create email alerts, updates to social media – and in future, distribution to other news channels.

  • Immediately an ASX Announcement is approved by the ASX Issuers Office, or when any other news article about your company is released, IRM Newsroom is on the job. It can instantly sends you an automated email alert, prompting you to publish the item to your selected online distribution channels with the simple click of a button. If this one is different, change your defaults and then click. Or for selected types you can have IRM Newsroom do it automatically.

  • One click to approve the news distribution, and everything gets done. Immediately. With IRM Newsroom, it all just happens.  All your pages, all your email subscribers, and your social media channels.  Yes, really!

This post is already too long, so we put together this nifty little video to summarise how Newsroom works:

Watch video!

And… here are some words from a happy client (who has been a happy client for a really long time):

“IRM Newsroom provides an extremely efficient and simple method of loading announcements made to the ASX directly to the company’s investor website. It also allows information to be distributed through Facebook and Twitter feeds if required. We would happily recommend the service to other listed companies.”
Karen Lopreiato, Company Secretary – Vision Eye Institute

Want to buy back some time?

If you’re running a similar process to the one that our potential (now actual) client described, we promise that we can improve your life!  In fact, we’re prepared to promise you that you’ll be able to buy back some valuable minutes in an already busy day, and provide a more immediate service in the process.

IRM Newsroom is great value. To request a demo, please contact Danny Hunt via: or +61 2 8233 6168.