LPE energises website to boost talent pool

LPE career page

Are you attracting top talent for your company?

If you want the job done well, if you want results delivered, you’ve got to hire the right personnel.

Sure, job ads, social media and word of mouth are helpful ways to draw in applicants. But these efforts only direct job seekers to your company’s website. (Yes, they should.)

And without a careers section in your site, how will you spark the interest of potential staff? If your careers page isn’t inviting, how will they be moved to apply?

LPE knows just how a careers page works as a powerful recruitment tool. The company recently launched an engaging careers section to bring in the right people for its talent pool.

LPE, or Locality Planning Energy Holdings Limited (ASX: LPE), is an Australian energy supplier specialising in the strata community sector. The company’s informative careers page provides everything candidates need to know in a way that’s not overwhelming.

The up-to-date webpage presents an overview of the company and its values. It describes various departments, explaining what it takes to be part each team. It even highlights an employee story of the month that offers a peek into what it’s like working in LPE.

The engaging site includes an expression-of-interest form to make applying for a job easy. Aspiring team members just have to fill out this form and submit it via the careers page. Then they’ll get an automated email to complete an online interview. All submitted forms will be processed by LPE’s HR team, of course.

Plus, LPE’s website and careers page is optimized for mobile devices. Giving a smooth user experience for job hunters. Without the need to zoom and squint or shift the screen as they go through the webpages.

LPE’s careers page was designed using HQi from IRM – Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM was pleased to work with LPE on enhancing their online presence.

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