Make your investor communications IPO ready

IPO ready

Make your investor communications IPO ready

Launching an initial public offering (IPO) soon?

Whether you’re planning an IPO in the next months or in a few years, being ready for one requires planning. Often, this would entail big organisational changes to meet the requirements of being publicly listed.

And it’s good practice for your business to act like an ASX-listed company before coming to market. Running your organisation like a public company before you need to will improve its IPO readiness and help strengthen its valuation.

For your investor relations, you will have to craft your own business narrative and set-up regular communications with your investor community. What better way to do this than through an investor website with news distribution! It’s an ideal way to communicate well with investors during the whole process.

Investor website

Through your website, investors will be able to reference corporate information and be reassured about your investment proposition. They will also get a base level of corporate information to support successive funding rounds through the site.

This initial set up can then lead seamlessly to a full listed company website by the addition of pages relating to the actual listing, such as share prices and charts and ASX Announcements.

News distribution

It's great to keep people informed and comfortable with your company activities by regularly distributing news (news releases, newsletters or announcements) leading up to the listing. This process can also encourage shareholders to keep their shares well after listing because they would feel more involved with your company.

As your company progresses towards listing, there are stages involving the issue of a prospectus leading up to the transaction or float. Your news flow will be perfect for these later stages when there are time critical information distribution requirements.

In conclusion

It’s crucial to have the ability to embrace investors – people who have invested or might invest, or might influence investors – during your pre-IPO period. By building a community of interested people and taking them on the journey through to listing, your company can increase the propensity of people to make the investment when needed.

Over to you

IRM recognises the financial challenges faced by unlisted public companies that don’t have ready access to funds. Accordingly, we offer concessional licence fees for HQi, our content management system, and Newsroom, our news distribution tool, for unlisted public companies.

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