HQi Blog

HQi Blog gives you an easy way to share your company story and updates across your investor audience.

You won’t need a separate blogging app to link to your website. Because you’ll be blogging within HQi, the same technology that runs your site. It’s less of a hassle for you, whether you’re a newbie or a veteran blogger.

Just login to your HQi account and navigate to the “Blog” button on the dashboard’s left-hand menu. This section will help you put your blog settings in order, like your banner image, heading and description. You can set your maximum number of recent posts or archives and other blog elements here as well.

After establishing your settings, you can create a new post and indicate its title, author and featured image. You can even check the number of words you’ve used for each post.

A list of all your posts, drafts or published, will be seen in your blog within HQi. You can also assign the categories you’d like for your posts, for easy reference.

Speak to us if you need any help on setting up your blog in HQi.