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HQi Licence (legacy)

Legacy product for HQi Licence for corporate websites of all types

Product Name:

HQi Licence (legacy)


IRM's Legacy HQi content management system licence arrangements of various types have been in place since 2002, and are usually called HQi Licence. It covers the software licence for use of the HQi CMS on IRM's hosting facilities, and usually needs HQi Basic Support to cover hosting, bandwidth etc. Progressively IRM is replacing this with the new HQi Plans. Various prices apply depending on past agreements about size of websites and features and services included.

Related Products:

The legacy HQi Licence Plan normally comes with another legacy IRM plan called HQi Basic Support. Sometimes when combined they are referred to as HQi Licence and Support.

Manufacturer Name:

IRM Pty Ltd

Category Name:

IRM Legacy Products


Repeating Fixed Price


Whether company is listed or not, Features, number of pages, various historical plans and agreements