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Hashtags, cashtags, tweets and retweets?

Social media can seem like quite an intimidating world if you are unfamiliar and may pose a lot of questions at the beginning of the journey. What’s a cashtag? What networks should we use? How often should we be posting and even, what should we be posting? We’re on hand to help you get going and to answer your questions in the early stages to make sense of any of the social media buzzwords and areas that may seem daunting.

There are many social media networking sites to choose from and it’s sometimes difficult to cut through the noise.The truth is, whether you like it or not you are essentially already on social media - even if you don’t have an account! There may already be people talking about you on social media and for a company, establishing an initial presence is a good way to be part of the conversation.

The place to start is actually setting up your accounts and make them look good. IRM can help set up your social media accounts and assist in designing the necessary images for profile pictures and cover photos. This will make sure your branding is consistent across your whole web presence, from your site to email alerts and social media channels so your company is easy to recognise.