Welcome to the IRM sandbox.

This is where we play with new ideas and initiatives.  We would appreciate your feedback and ideas on these subjects!

Important note – to save us writing 47 pages of detailed disclaimers, we guess you get it. These are toys, ideas, maybes – not definites. Your feedback though will be valuable and will help us work them up to definites. In addition, some samples of new products shown here may include client company logos and information. These are for illustration only and are not provided by or endorsed by the client in any way.

New Gold Annual Report

We’re considering an upgrade to our Gold Online Annual Report product, using a product from EZOnlineDocuments. This enhanced online viewing experience for Annual Reports helps increase the effectiveness of the Annual Report. It’s better than the current IRM Silver OAR. It’s not quite as good as the current Gold OAR, but more cost effective.

Upgraded Analyst Centre

Virtua Research have a great product for Analysts to access financial results really easily. We’re looking at making this product available for ASX listed companies with local support in Australia. Available on a subscription model, detailed financials will be excel-ready on your website as you release your results.

Analytics for ADR’s

In Australia the use of nominee companies means that understanding the real shareholdings on a realtime basis is not possible. However, if you have an ADR program on a US exchange, there is a wealth of data available.

IRM may be able deliver a third party analytics dashboard which gives real time information about trades and a sentiment analysis using the ADR’s. If you have an ADR program and would like a briefing on our ideas, please contact us.

A CRM for Investors?

Marketing is all about using a CRM to keep track of customers and potential customers as they progress through their buying process.  At IRM, we think investors are customers too.

IRM Newsroom has a concept of a subscriber list, with various sections, that can be used to contact people who have given their email addresses.

IRM is working on how the Newsroom email address subscriber database can grow into a more comprehensive CRM-style marketing tool to try to better understand and influence the individual’s investor journey. Each ASX Announcement can be viewed as a campaign, and we can collect statistics and analytics of the engagement for each campaigns.

Interested in more campaign analytics? Contact us to discuss.   

Social Media for Investors

IRM Newsroom does the basics – posting, tweeting etc your announcements so that your voice is the first one heard with your own news on social media. More detailed engagements is labour intensive and some companies want to do that, it’s not really an IRM product. We’re more into providing the roads, not driving on them!

However, there are a number of extra things we can do mechanically to amplify your posts in the social media. We’re looking at upgrading Newsroom with some more social media activity. Contact us for a discussion, we value your input.

More ideas

At IRM there seems to be no limit to ideas about how to use the online world to better relate to investors. We’ll add new toys to the Sandbox from time to time. Enjoy.