When the dust settles, investors will be discerning and critical in their choices of companies.

Investors will choose to invest in businesses that demonstrate a capability they like. They will be more comfortable to remain invested in companies that better keep in touch with them.

How will investors see your company? How will you communicate with them?

Help is at hand!

IRM offers a special COVID-19 discount of up to 30% on projects over $5k for any one or more of these following areas:

For a better corporate look

  • Refresh your corporate branding
  • Refresh your corporate collateral templates

For better capital raising

  • Create a transaction website for your upcoming offer/deal
  • Add a separate investor website for better investor focus

For a better corporate / investor website

  • Update the content, refresh or redesign your current corporate website
  • Replace your corporate website with a new website
  • Add new attractive features to your existing corporate/investor website
  • Create a microsite for a subsidiary company, another language, or a community focus

For better communication

  • Add a quick and effective layer of communication for news distribution

Offer Details

The IRM COVID-19 Offer applies to any new project with a value of more than $5k in any of the subject areas above:


paid upfront
in full



standard payment terms



pay nothing until


Plus: 3 Months Free for any new Ongoing plan fees as a result of the project.

Limited to the first 10 new projects agreed between 1st - 30th of April 2020.

Great value for money

No doubt you want great value for money, but you may or may not wish to allocate cash now. Choose your discount based on your cash preservation strategy.

For IRM - well, frankly, we want to keep our studio full, so we emerge from this just as strong to continue to support you.

Contact IRM today at +61 2 8705 5444 or clientrelations@irmau.com to discuss your specific needs and to guarantee your place.


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