10 key factors for successful online investor relations

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Success Factors

Ever wonder what investors want online? Particularly in this time when your message needs to be even more clear on the Web?

Investors are not just looking for your company’s financial information.

They want details on your business and your investment proposition. They want to know the latest happenings through your company news.

As investors progress in their journey to become shareholders, they will seek facts and impressions from your organisation through online touchpoints. These touchpoints are forms of communication that enable stakeholders to interact with your company.

That’s why your online communications strategy needs to perform well to maximise the progression rates of investors through the stages of their journey.

And how would you know your online IR strategy is effective? When it delivers the messages in the medium investors want, using the touchpoints they choose. If their needs are not met at that moment, they may not move forward or may just move away.

Touchpoints online Investors will seek facts and impressions through your online touchpoints.

No worries! Help is here!

With these 10 success factors, you can be there for investors and provide signposts for the next stage of their journey. Here’s a brief run-through of the best practice principles:

1. Attract – Draw the right investor traffic to your touchpoints, such as your website, email alerts, annual reports.

2. Appeal – Use design, imagery and style to appeal to investors early in their journey.

3. Navigate – Deliver a seamless navigation to give investors a smooth access to your web pages.

4. Quality – Provide content that’s great quality, complete and up-to-date.

5. Mobile – Look great on every phone or tablet, landscape or portrait. And convey information quickly.

Investor journey directionThese success factors provide investors direction for the next stage in their journey.

6. Educate – Understand the educational needs of visitors and take them further than they expect.

7. Relate – Blog, tweet, share, like and post. Encourage investors to respond and engage with you.

8. Engage – Keep investors informed as things change. Provide immediate updates and feedback.

9. Measure – Measure, improve and measure again to evaluate and adjust your strategy.

10. Maintain – Keep the touchpoint information always current, engaging and interesting.

Click on each of the factors for additional details on the principles. For a fuller discussion, read more about the success factors through this link. Or download our white paper here.

Be present for investorsUsing these success factors will enable you to be present for investors at each stage.

In conclusion

The success factors for online IR is crucial in the journey investors take in making investment decisions about your company. Making the most out of these best practice principles will enable you to be present for them at each stage. So you can deliver the facts and impressions they need, at the time they choose, using the touchpoints they want.

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in March 2018 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.