3 more online IR strategies to adopt in volatile markets

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Online IR strategies

  • Send your ASX announcements fast
  • Give the big picture in a business summary
  • Try other digital channels for engagement

With the unpredictability of the current market downturn, it is crucial to communicate with investors in a consistent and reliable manner.

The descent in markets has its effects on corporate operations, so revenue will likely be unstable for the foreseeable future. Explaining this hazy perspective to investors continues to be difficult. Poorly thought-out investor communications will only make the business environment more challenging.

Despite this ongoing predicament, you do have control over how to handle the situation. You’ll need to keep your company’s story independent of the economic narrative. You must develop a story that inspires trust with investors and have some influence over how they will respond.

In order to accomplish that, you’ll need to affirm a strategy for long-term growth while addressing the market volatility head-on in your investor communications. You’ll need to maintain a consistent message throughout your ASX announcements and correspondence. Keeping investors up to date on a regular basis through various online touchpoints, like your website, emails and social media.

Read on for a few more practical ideas to add to your communications strategy in this current business outlook:

1. Send your ASX announcements fast

Gaining an advantage in unpredictable markets requires having access to the quickest news. Obviously, investors rely on your company updates for their decision making, especially in the present economic scenario.

What better way to deliver news to investors than straight from the source. So, publish your latest announcements on your website seconds after they’re released from the ASX website. Send them to their inboxes simultaneously so they don’t have to go elsewhere to find it.

While you’re at it, add a brief sentence or two in your email to describe what your news is all about. These short intros will certainly capture investors’ attention and reel them in to read the rest of the announcements.

Make sure to tailor your email template with your corporate branding too. This will not only render a professional look that distinguishes you from competitors. It will reinforce a positive impression and assert your business value as well.

Send ASX announcementsSend your ASX announcements fast.

2. Give the big picture in a business summary

It’s great when you’re able to send your ASX announcements promptly to investors. But wouldn’t it be even better if you’re able to present the whole story of your company’s progress?

ASX announcements sent separately may not be able to provide the right context investors need. Why not provide a business summary to investors? Like an email that curates your related announcements in a newsletter style?

This way stakeholders can follow along with how your exploration or clinical trial is advancing and where it’s heading. You’ll also be able to feature the different aspects of your project and perhaps share insights from your executive leadership in this nicely-packaged roundup.

Business summaryGive the big picture in a business summary.

3. Try other digital channels for engagement

Okay, so you have a website where you can immediately post your announcements, check. You also send news via email to your investors, check. Perhaps you’re even amplifying your news through Twitter or LinkedIn? Awesome!

The idea is to reach investors where and when they are online through several touchpoints. You’d want to attract them to know about you and stay invested in you. It’s best to choose communication channels that resonate well with your stakeholders.

Take for instance, C-suite video interviews. These powerful media formats are gaining popularity among businesses as they reinforce corporate messages while engaging investors. These top-notch platforms establish the credibility of your CEO and company while winning investors over. Find out more about this effective communication channel here.

Video interviewTry video interviews for more engagement.

Simply put

Consistent and reliable communications with investors is essential in the existing market slowdown. It’s key to send your ASX announcements fast and to give a business summary of your developments. Go for other digital channels to better engage stakeholders too.

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