3 quick tips to leverage your website for AGMs

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AGM tips

What’s usually the only time during the year when your shareholders and executives interact?

You guessed it! Your annual general meetings (AGMs).

Though fast becoming a virtual event, these mandatory meetings are a means of building stronger and more engaged relationships with your shareholders. Your AGMs also offer investors valuable information that’s extremely useful for their investment decision-making process.

Doesn’t it make sense then to maximise these key events through your website?

Yes, you can tap your site to provide shareholders a central information hub for your AGMs. So, they’ll easily find essential facts and figures related to your AGM in a specific web page.

Read on to consider these ideas that are sure to step up your game for your AGMs.

1. Create a dedicated page for your AGMs

Your AGM page will be a one-stop-shop for everything AGM. Use this page to post the date, time and venue or links to your online meetings. Include other items like your Notice of Meeting, AGM Announcements and AGM Calendar. Peak into HGL’s website for some excellent inspiration on how it’s done.

HGL AGM pageHGL’s AGM page includes the company's Notice of Meeting, AGM Announcements and AGM Calendar.

2. Showcase annual reports on your AGM page

Present your annual reports and financial statements on your AGM page to detail your company's performance and strategy. You can also include a yearly archive of materials from past AGMs for quick reference. This way, investors will instantly access data from current and previous AGMs as they weigh in on your business.

3. Host webcasts and presentations on your AGM page

Management presentations are great opportunities to share your leaders’ vision of the company's future. Through webcasts, your shareholders can join your AGMs in real time from anywhere or at a time of their choosing through recorded versions. These elements would be perfect for your AGM page. A great example of this brilliant technique is seen on Phoslock Environmental Technology's website here.

Phoslock AGM pagePhoslock’s AGM page highlights a webcast of its latest AGM and annual report.

Come to think of it

Having an AGM page on your website is genius! It’s a clever way to offer all AGM-related info and enhance communications with shareholders on your company’s position and prospects. Helping them make wise decisions as they progress in their investor journey with you.

No need to go it alone

Leverage your AGMs with the IRM AGM Highlight Page! With just one page, you can flag dates and details of your meetings. And draw attention to your annual reports, presentations and webcasts.

Call us on +61 2 8705 5444 to get started on setting up this page on your website. Or email clientrelations@irmau.com for your queries.

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in April 2019 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.