5 clever ways to keep your investor communications going

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Keep communications

In the corporate world, successful companies don’t just run the business. They’re also expected to maintain communications with investors as their organisation grows.

Keeping investors in the loop is a smart move that leads to substantial results. It strengthens the bond with stakeholders and unlocks opportunities to draw in more funding.

It’s not a new concept, right? But how do you keep at it? Here are some ideas to start with:

1. Communicate regularly

To a certain extent, investing is a relationship decision. As in any relationship, you’ll need to keep communication lines open. Consistent communication will build investor confidence, as you establish accountability and transparency.

Your steady drumbeat of news will keep your business on the radar of stakeholders. It can bring around investors who are undecided about your venture or direct you to others who would be interested.

Quarterly emails or newsletters, provide documentation of your work and the progress you’re making as well. Regularly sending these updates also shows shareholders how you are wisely managing their investment.

Communicate regularlyCommunicate regularly and feature your business highlights.

2. Feature your business highlights

Have a positive flow of news about your company’s successes, such as product releases, growth milestones, key hires, and more. Media coverage focused on your organisation and industry would be good too.

Communicating proactively about your new projects, acquisitions, or awards shows that you hit targets you set out to accomplish. Presenting investors your track record of wins will help them understand how you're advancing the business over time.

3. Grow your mailing list

Adding stakeholders to your email list will expand the reach of your communications. Engage investors to subscribe to your news through a form on your website or a link in your ASX announcements. Get a hold of their email addresses from your share registry and include them in your subscriber database.

The more investors you reach, the greater chances of broadening your investment community. Even if some may not be ready at the onset, you never know when the right trigger sets off for them to do business with you. Some may reconsider later on after observing your growth. Others may have a change of heart as they see your company or industry gaining popularity among investor networks.

Creative formatsGrow your mailing list and try creative message formats.

4. Try creative message formats

Consider staying in touch through a different medium other than your usual well-worded newsletter. How about using infographics or charts to deliver information? Your latest investor presentation will most likely have it. Just repurpose the visuals to go with the updates in your elegantly phrased email.

Another unique messaging is a video to grab investors’ attention. A recorded interview or presentation of your CEO is a surefire way to reel them in and hear you out. Who knows, your media clip may be more effective in opening doors of investment opportunities.

5. Connect on socials

That is, social media, for starters. Interacting with investors on social media will continue to provide connection down the line. LinkedIn and Twitter are some of the great platforms that can amplify your updates while your investors are checking their feeds.

Socials also mean investor events, virtual or in-person, when possible. Annual general meetings, roadshows and investor conferences are some prime occasions to encourage conversations. Often these meetups provide even more connection than emails or newsletters.

Grow mailing listConnect on social media and investor events.

In a nutshell

Continuing the conversation with investors will help build your relationship with stakeholders. To get your message across, you’ll need to communicate regularly while featuring your business highlights. Growing your mailing list is likewise key, as well as using creative message formats and connecting on socials.

Your investor communications – but better

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