5 steps to elevate your audience reach with visuals

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  • Leveraging visuals in your news is a strategic move to elevate your investor audience reach.
  • Integrating compelling visuals into your narrative attracts attention and takes your IR to new heights.
  • Using the right visuals not only complements your news but also makes it more memorable and shareable.


Every market announcement competes for attention in the ASX-listed world. Beyond the precision of words, visuals have become a powerful catalyst in corporate communications and investor relations. Visuals elevate your company's media strategy, helping you stand out in a sea of information this year.

As they say, a picture paints a thousand words. Visuals transcend language, capturing attention and conveying complex messages in an instant. Visuals greatly affect how your news is perceived, received, and shared. They create a lasting impression on investors, journalists, and a wider audience.

That’s why integrating visuals into your news releases is no longer just a luxury; it's a must-have. Creating updates with ready-to-use images and video content provides maximum impact in media relations. Here’s how to resonate visually and streamline coverage:

Step 1: Craft a compelling narrative with visuals.

Begin by understanding that visuals play a pivotal role in telling your company’s story. For instance, if you're announcing a breakthrough product, include images or infographics showing its features and benefits. Enhance the narrative with visuals that highlight key milestones, team members, or the innovative aspects of your business.

Step 2: Enhance news with captivating imagery.

Recognise the power of visuals in enhancing your media coverage. When issuing a press release about financial results, fit in charts or graphs illustrating performance trends. If discussing a sustainability initiative, insert images or videos showcasing the positive value on the environment or community.

Visuals in newsVisuals broaden your investor audience reach.

Step 3: Attract clicks with powerful graphics.

Capturing audience attention is a challenge in a world inundated with news. When launching a new project or initiative, provide eye-catching visuals such as teaser videos, concept art, or behind-the-scenes footage. These elements can entice readers to click, generating more interest and engagement.

Step 4: Streamline coverage with ready-to-use visual content.

Timing is everything in media relations. Streamline the process from pitch to publication by providing journalists with ready-to-use, high-quality visual content. For example, build a press kit with downloadable images, videos, and footages related to your announcement. This ensures journalists have everything they need at their fingertips.

Step 5: Maintain brand consistency.

Ensure that the visuals you provide align with the professionalism and values of your brand. When sending out visuals with your PR materials, implement a consistent visual style, adding in your company's logo, colour palette, and design elements. This reinforces your brand identity across various media outlets.


Visuals significantly enhance your press releases for corporate events, making them more engaging and impactful. Tying in images and videos into your communications strategy elevate the reach of your stories. These visuals can be shared across media platforms to generate buzz.

Here are some examples of how to effectively use visuals for various business programs: 

1. Product or project launches

  • Showcase high-quality images of your new product or exploration project from different angles.
  • Work in some infographics highlighting main features, specifications, and value.
  • Integrate teaser videos or drone footages to build anticipation among your audience.

2. Financial results announcements

  • Introduce charts and graphs illustrating your financial performance trends.
  • Apply visual representations of your crucial metrics to provide a quick overview.
  • Fill in video messages from your executives discussing the results.

Visuals videosVideo messages from your executives are great visuals to add in your releases.

3. Investor meetings

  • Integrate visual aids like slides or presentations used during your meetings.
  • Produce graphs and charts that complement the spoken financial analysis.
  • Capitalise on images of chief executives participating in your event.

4. Strategic acquisitions

  • Feature visuals that represent the integration process of the acquired company.
  • Share infographics detailing the strategic benefits and synergies.
  • Enclose images of executives from both companies during the acquisition announcement.

5. Partnership announcements

  • Show images of principal representatives from both companies shaking hands.
  • Input logos of the partnering entities for brand recognition.
  • Integrate visuals that convey the collaborative nature of the partnership.

6. ESG or CSR initiatives

  • Share images or videos depicting community engagement related to your ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) or CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities.
  • Highlight the effectiveness of your ESG or CSR efforts through before-and-after visuals.
  • Put in infographics demonstrating the goals and achievements of the program.

Visuals ESGVisuals of your ESG efforts give value to your announcements.

7. Milestone celebrations

  • Flex visual timelines to illustrate your company's journey and achievements.
  • Place images of celebrations, such as anniversary happenings or award ceremonies.
  • Display commemorative visuals, like a special edition logo or artwork.

8. Technology innovations

  • Render visuals that explain the workings of the innovative technology.
  • Tuck in diagrams or schematics illustrating the breakthrough features.
  • Utilise video content to demonstrate the technology in action.

9. Employee recognition and events

  • Share images from employee recognition ceremonies or team-building undertakings.
  • Feature profiles of outstanding employees with their achievements.
  • Tap visuals to convey your company's commitment to a positive workplace culture.

10. Rebranding initiatives

  • Introduce your new brand identity through visuals, like logos and design elements.
  • Share before-and-after visuals to illustrate the transformation.
  • Bring in videos with major stakeholders explaining the reasons and goals behind your rebrand.

Incorporating visuals tailored to each corporate event enhances the storytelling aspect of your news releases. It makes your information more accessible for your audience.

Stand out with visuals

Harnessing visuals is a strategic move to elevate your investor audience reach. Follow these steps to seamlessly integrate compelling visuals into your narrative, attract attention, and take your IR to new heights. Remember, the right visuals not only complement your story but also make it more memorable and shareable.

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