A new site for award winning, Paradice Investment Management

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Multi-award winning fund manager, Paradice Investment Management recently made the decision to upgrade its corporate website.  IRM was delighted to help the Paradice team through the process, which has resulted in a great looking site, that houses detailed information on Paradice’s funds, team and some fascinating background to the very successful Paradice story.

About Paradice 

Paradice Investment Management is a privately owned, Australian boutique funds management business, which was established in 1999 by David Paradice. The business is solely focused on providing asset management for institutional and wholesale clients. 

The firm currently manages over $9 billion in assets across small, mid, and large capped funds, and a global small-mid cap fund which launched more recently.

Website Highlights

While there are lots of reasons to like the new www.paradice.com.au site, one of the highlights for us is the Video Updates section. For anyone that has followed the tremendously successful Paradice story, in this part of the site, visitors can gain extra insights into the funds, the team and the performance of the various funds. We recommend taking a look.

We also like the fact sheets and performance reports, and the background to each fund (valuable background briefing information for any company planning on meeting with one of the Paradice Portfolio Managers!)

Other updates

To help Paradice communicate easily with investors, we:

  • Made the site responsive – it now works well on desktops, smart phones and tablets
  • Added an Email Alerts facility, allowing visitors to subscribe for updates on the funds,
  • Combined the video showcase with Email Alerts and
  • Set Paradice up to be able to control the site using IRM’s HQi software

We invite you to view the new site, which is supported by IRM’s specialist investor relations-focused HQi software.

Congratulations Paradice Investment Management!

We are honoured to have worked with Paradice to deliver their upgraded corporate web site. We believe it has become a valuable resource for current and potential investors

Thinking about a new corporate website?

If you’re thinking about a new investor centre or corporate web site, get in touch with Danny Hunt at IRM, who can discuss your needs. Reach Danny via email: danny.hunt@irmau.com or phone: +61 2 8705 5444, or see www.irmau.com for more detail.