AGM: One simple move to boost your investor engagement

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AGM investor engagement

Amid lockdowns and pandemic concerns this earnings season, companies and investors continue to adopt the digital shift to virtual and hybrid annual general meetings (AGMs).

Though in-person meetings have been possible in some states with less restrictions, businesses still need to be prepared for unexpected changes.

Bottom line, engagement is key to effectively communicate with investors in the current landscape - whether your AGM will be solely online, face-to-face or a mix of both. You would want all your stakeholders to be informed, so everyone can attend and participate, right?

Here’s an idea. If you want a quick way to communicate all things AGM, you’ll need an AGM page on your website. Simply put, a designated web page that has all info about your AGM.

AuKing AGM pageClick the image to check out how AuKing Mining aced its AGM page.

Sounds basic enough? But the benefits of this clear-cut strategy cannot be missed. Just look at how these ASX-listed companies have taken advantage of this simple move.

How will your AGM page boost investor engagement?

1. Deliver event details

Investors need to know all the details about your AGM before they can even attend it. Make use of your AGM page to publish the date, time and venue or webcast link to your online event. You can even add your AGM outline to present the agenda for the meeting.

Should there be any changes in the setup, you can always update the page to reflect the new arrangements. Your AGM page will serve as an information centre for your investors, so they’ll instantly find everything under one roof.

Buru AGM pageClick the image to see how Buru Energy's AGM page communicated effectively to investors.

2. Provide shareholder documents

Have your AGM page show relevant documents investors need for the event, such as your letter to shareholders, notice of meeting, proxy document, annual report and related ASX announcements. This way, your investors will have everything at their fingertips in your AGM page – no need to search for these particulars elsewhere.

Elixinol AGM pageClick the image to take inspiration from Elixinol Wellness' AGM page.

3. Encourage participation

With your AGM details and documents available, investors will be able to attend, wherever they are in the world. Good attendance will enhance voting as well as your Q&A session. Doesn’t that herald a successful AGM?

After the meeting, you can include the recorded webcast in your AGM page for those who missed it or would like to watch it again. You can also encourage investors to sign up for your emails through a subscription form on the page.

Moreover, since your AGM page is on your website, you can easily direct stakeholders to other key pages within your site. This will help build investor confidence as they learn more about your business and how it’s growing.

Australis AGM pageClick the image to visit Australis Oil & Gas' well-executed AGM page. 

Enhance investor engagement with your AGM page

An AGM page will serve as an info hub for your investors to quickly access all details about your important meeting. It’s a simple set up that will deliver your event details, provide shareholder documents and encourage participation. What’s not to like?

Ready for an AGM page?

We can set up your AGM page for you, just like we’ve done for fellow ASX-listed companies. Browse our client list here.

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