Allegiance Coal forges new websites for investors and local community

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Allegiance website

Every website’s purpose it to reach its audience. This is key, particularly if the site is targeting investors for your company.

Connecting with investors is not an option but a requirement to succeed in your business. Because drawing investors into your website would increase their engagement, and later on their involvement as shareholders.

You then need to optimise your website and tailor fit it according to your investor audience. Catering to what they want, what they expect, and how it would improve their investor journey through your site.

You’d want to create an instant connection with stakeholders through elements on your website. Making it appeal to both current and potential investors. For if your site doesn’t relate, they might just click away.

Here’s a model that actually makes all that happen: Allegiance Coal’s new investor website. Scroll or swipe through the mobile-friendly site to discover its clever features for yourself.

As clearly presented in its web pages, Allegiance’s (ASX:AHQ) investment focus is advanced, near production, or producing steelmaking coal projects in countries with low political risk. The website includes an overview of steelmaking, so investors can understand more about its process and industry.

Within its web pages, Allegiance ably conveys important details about the company, its board and management, as well as various projects. Along with eye-catching visuals, like an infographic, images, maps and charts.

Allegiance web pagesAllegiance’s investor website appeals to stakeholders with its great design and navigation.

Continue to its Investor Information section and you’ll find a rich resource of data, such as its share price information, annual reports and presentations. Even better, ASX Announcements and company news can be emailed to investors, simultaneous with their posting on the website. Its Facebook and Twitter accounts are even linked to the site for seamless communications.

Allegiance is also committed to the development of sustainable working relationships with indigenous peoples and the wider community with whom the company is engaged in relation to its projects. For this reason, the company is launching separate websites to serve specific communities, beginning with the Telkwa Community. These sites are conveniently linked to Allegiance’s main investor website.

Telkwa websiteAllegiance’s Telkwa community website also works smoothly in mobile devices.

To inform and engage locals, the Telkwa Community website provides an introduction of Allegiance’s local team and its company commitments. It features multimedia resources relating to the project, an environment section and a sponsorship section to show the company’s continuous support towards local community groups. The website is likewise equipped to send operational updates to its own email subscription list.

Allegiance’s investor website and Telkwa Community site were developed through IRM’s HQi content management system and Newsroom news delivery app. As online investor communications specialists, IRM were pleased to collaborate with Allegiance to advance their online investor presence.

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