Bioshares website heralds tech-savvy features

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Back in the day, investors were accustomed to having brochures with corporate information to learn about a company. Today, they expect organisations to have a website that expertly communicates their venture. In fact, having a site is one of the first steps in building trust with stakeholders.

More than having an online presence, your website is a crucial tool to develop credibility with your investor audience. They are more likely to trust your company and engage in it if your site is outstanding. Not only by the way it looks but in terms of functionality and navigation as well.

Scope out the website of Bioshares for some inspiration on newly launched sites that raise the bar: As Australia's leading biotech stock report, Bioshares delivers independent investment research to investors on Australian biotech, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. It also hosts a summit each year for the biotech industry.

Bioshares on devicesBioshares' website hums cheerfully on any device, desktop or mobile.

Have a feel of how Bioshares’ homepage wows with clean aesthetics that lay out a clear path to explore different pages within the website. This principal page highlights “This Week’s Coverage” and “Model Portfolio” for quick access. Subscription options are available here too.

If it's current news you’re looking for, skip to its Premium Biotech Coverage section for a selection of blog posts on featured businesses. It’s easy to find the companies as this segment of the website neatly organises per company.

What’s more, this smart website supports Bioshares’ yearly conference with a dedicated Summit section. This web page promotes the company's event for biotech CEOs, investors and other stakeholders where they discuss trends and hear from emerging biotech companies. 

Bioshares’ website works splendidly on IRM’s HQi content management system, including IRM Events event management tool. IRM was delighted to partner with this biotech investment resource in establishing its online presence.

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