Bullseye Mining website on target in company’s gold discoveries

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"If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business." -Bill Gates

That’s why you have a website, right? You understand this full well.

But how user-friendly is your site? Can your clients and stakeholders find the information they need in three clicks?

No point in having a website that’s impressive and creative if your stakeholders cannot use it. If they cannot navigate it to find important data they are searching for, what’s the use?

Your website navigation and organisation should provide stakeholders an enjoyable user experience. Make it simple and obvious to keep them happy and coming back for more.

Have a look at the recent redesign of Bullseye Mining for a great example of excellent site navigation. A quick peek is all you need to understand why that is.

Notice the clean aesthetics greeting you soon as you land on the home page. The clear layout easily relates details on the successful gold exploration and soon-to-be gold production company, with over 1,200 km of gold-rich Greenstone terrain in the World Class gold fields of Western Australia.

Hover over a clean and clear menu to navigate further including the About Us page and get an overview of the company, its strategy as well as its board and management, or the projects page and familiarise yourself with Bullseye’s North Laverton Gold Project and Southern Cross Gold Project. A gallery page provides photos visualizing the company’s operations and team geologists.

Bullseye’s website was crafted through the HQi content management system of IRM, Online Investor Communications Specialists. IRM were pleased to work with Bullseye on strategising their online presence.

Here’s what Bullseye executive Rob Cooke had to say about teaming up with IRM for the website refresh project…

“We commissioned IRM to produce an updated company website after our online presence had remained unchanged for too long. They were able to generate exactly what we required much faster than I expected. Aside from developing the website, Nikki was also on hand to train me in navigating their user-friendly editing dashboard, so I can make changes in future without the need to get in touch every time. We were very demanding in terms of timescales and emergency updates and IRM accommodated our requests every time. I’d highly recommend them if you’re looking for a time and cost-efficient solution.”

At IRM, we’ll help you understand all the basics of a website and make sure you get them right in yours. This will provide your company with an online presence that ensures you appeal to current clients and potential investors. Encouraging them to take that next step.

Please feel free to reach us on +61 2 8705 5444 or clientrelations@irmau.com to discuss your website needs. More information is available on our website.