EQ Resources starts the year strong with new website

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EQ website

New year, fresh start! A clean slate for your business to forge ahead with its latest plans and ventures. Particularly if you’ve just recalculated your direction or rebranded your company to better fit your endeavours.

Has your company changed its name? You’ll need a new logo and branding to go with your website and all other communications. This newfound brand will need a corresponding online presence for the continued success of your business.

A customised website is the way to go with your latest name and brand. This will strengthen your communications, especially to investors. You wouldn’t want to leave them behind as your company rebrands, would you?

Many ASX-listed companies have smoothly reinvented to a new name and website. But a current favourite in this scenario has got to be EQ Resources’ newest website.

EQ Resources (ASX:EQR) is transforming its flagship tungsten assets at Mt Carbine in North Queensland with the aim of being the pre-eminent tungsten producer in Australia. The company also holds gold exploration licences in New South Wales.

In 2020, the company’s name was changed from Speciality Metals International (ASX:SEI) to EQ Resources to better reflect its purpose to resource the new economy for a better tomorrow, as well as its values.

EQ Resources website on devicesEQ Resources' new website functions smoothly on any screen size and device.

Notice EQ Resources’ brand-new logo and colours breathing life throughout the site? Its clutter-free layout with vivid visuals clearly present details about the company and highlight key information for investors.

Look through its About Us section and you’ll be introduced to the company’s purpose, values and leadership. Browse around its Projects section and you’ll see more of its different quarries and explorations.

Stakeholders can go directly to its Investor Centre for EQ Resources’ significant data, such as share price, shareholder FAQs and financial reports. Up-to-date news and announcements are posted on the site and emailed to stakeholders soon as its released from the ASX too.

EQ Resources’ website was created through IRM’s HQi content management system and Newsroom news delivery app. IRM was also delighted to design the company's new logo and branding as it partnered with EQ Resources to build up its online investor presence.

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