Find a broker with the new NZ brokers website

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There are thousands of companies offering insurance brokerage services on the internet.

Finding the right broker can be a strenuous process but in this post we’ll feature the NZ brokers ‘Find a broker’ site that helps make it a little easier.

About NZ brokers

NZ brokers is New Zealand’s third largest insurance broking group, representing over 53 independent businesses across the country with well-respected and well-established member brokers who share the purpose to better serve their clients.

NZ brokers is backed by Austbrokers Holdings Ltd (ASX: AUB), an ASX listed business with 30 years of experience in the industry, locally run by local professionals, for local businesses.

The brief

After leading financial institution, AUB Group Ltd (ASX: AUB) formed NZ brokers, they wanted to offer two key pieces of functionality:

  • The new ‘Find a broker’ feature which would enable NZ customers and potential customers to easily find brokers within their desired location:

  • A new blog section, through which to keep current and potential customers across the company’s latest news:

The solution

In order to deliver consistency across both NZ brokers and AUB Group’s sites, the new NZ brokers website was developed in line with the corporate website framework and structure of AUB Group’s, but using the styles and colours which matched NZ brokers’ style guide.

This website was built in a fully responsive fashion, allowing it to work across all mobile devices. It features the ‘Find a broker’ option where existing and potential customers can search for a broker by location or by name, and then results are shown inside an embedded interactive map with contact information.

NZ brokers also installed a blog through which to keep their audience apprised of their latest news and updates.  The blog was built using WordPress, and was designed to fit in seamlessly with the look and feel of the NZ brokers’ corporate site. It is housed within the news centre and the business has already developed a following through regularly posting news pieces to its audience.  You can check out the blog at or read the top three latest post through the red teaser box on the homepage.

Congratulations NZ brokers!

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you through the development of your corporate website. We particularly like the new ‘Find a broker’ feature.

Are you considering including a blog or interactive map feature in your website?

Setting up with a blog or location finder is easy.  If you’re interested in a discussion about how to get started, please contact Danny Hunt via email:, phone: +61 2 8705 5444, or see for more detail.