How to Appeal to Investors through Your Website

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(This blog post is part of a series discussing 10 Success Factors for Online Investor Relations. Read the previous post — “How to Attract Investors to Your Website” — here.)

When was the last time you bought a mobile phone or laptop? Remember going through a decision-making process before buying it?

Like most consumers, you didn’t immediately buy the first thing you saw, right? You must’ve Googled the product several times to study its features. Compared it to peers. Or maybe checked reviews. What were others saying about it?

In the same way, investors go through different stages before making an investment decision. Maybe not exactly as you would buy an iPhone. But in some ways similar.

Before becoming committed shareholders, investors first identify their “need” for the investment. They move through discovery and evaluation phases. On to a buy decision. And later to hold and sell.

This engagement process — what we call the investor journey — is personal and each is different.

In fact, a considerable part of investor decisions to move forward in their journey are based on emotions and impressions. Not based on facts and logic. That’s why the emotional appeal of your website must be just as good as the information you provide there.

Here are three elements that could help make your website more appealing to investors:

1. Appeal through your site design

How does your website look? Outdated? Amateurish? This won’t give a favourable impression to your audience.

Your home page should reflect a modern corporate design. And this fresh clean look on the introductory page of your site should flow through all your other web pages.

2. Appeal through your hero images and tag lines

Hero images provide an instant impression of your company’s values, products and services. Images like these on your home page would sure catch the eye of investors.

To support these images, add tag lines or simple statements that are relevant. These would make your home page more engaging and informative.

Then carry through your theme of hero images and tag lines to the banner images in each section of your website to make it cohesive.

3. Appeal through your home page features

An attractive home page layout would invite investors to click on more of your web pages. Include promotional boxes that offer company info. And don’t forget navigation or links to key parts of your site.

You might also want to promote your latest news or corporate video on your home page to make it up-to-date and interesting.

To sum things up, we’ve discussed three important website elements that would add appeal to investors. Now it’s time to review your site design, hero images and tag lines, as well as home page features. With these elements fine-tuned, you’ll have more engagement with your investor audience. A potential expansion of your investor team!

Where to go from here

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