How to Attract Investors to Your Website

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So you have your website all set up and running. All the necessary elements are there — design, imagery, style and key messages. All the facts about your company and who’s running it. Your business summary and your investor proposition are in place. Got your latest news and reports. The works.

Setting up your website wisely is key to attracting investors.

Now how to attract investors to visit your site? You’d want them to access all these info, right? That’s the first step. You’d want to draw in the right traffic to your website to get them on board.

Here are three suggestions to become better at attracting investors:

1. Smarten up your overall search

Most investors will search your site by your company name, website URL or ticker code. You’d want to make sure every variation of your name, including your ticker code or domain, get top ranks in Google search. You’d want the names of your senior executives and company projects to rank well too.

Next, review how investors search for your site. Do this regularly. Just think about the words they use when they Google up your company. This way you can update your content to respond to their searches. Then measure your search results and continuously improve.

Also, some investors get to your webpage through a related site. That’s why it’s good practice to publish links in your industry websites or those of your partner or broker. You can even add links in ASX Announcements and shareholder communications.

2. Offer unique and authoritative content

Talk about your company’s expertise in your website. Write in a way that’s unique and authoritative, yet reader-friendly. This will allow you to rank higher in search results. You see, Google search will give higher ranking for content that’s not easily found elsewhere in the internet. As long as its guidelines in form and style are met, of course.

3. Use the right keywords

What are the words or phrases investors use to search for your company on the web? If you put these same keywords in your content, chances are you’ll rank higher in search. So it’s ideal to develop a list of keywords, other than your company name and ticker code. Then use these keywords consistently throughout your site.

Investors will likely land on your website if you rank well in search results.

And there you have it! Three effective ways to attract more investors to your website. When you brush up on your overall search, content and keywords, investors are more likely to land on your site. This means more opportunities to get them on your team!

What should you do next?

How about a full website review from us? We regularly help ASX-listed companies with assessing the gaps in their online investor relations strategies.

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