How to engage with investors using your website

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Engage investors

How would you like to have a strong investor confidence in your company?

Or an increased support for your strategy as well as your management and board?

Sounds nice, right?

Wouldn’t you want to have more significant feedback from investors? Insights that can be useful in running your company?

How about opportunities to explain your company’s competitive position? Or to discuss its operating environment and industry fundamentals?

These are just some great perks of engaging with your investors.

It’s important to keep your stakeholders regularly informed. To help them develop a comprehensive understanding of your business and strategies.

These communications may lead to attracting new capital. Especially when those looking to invest receive high-level information that can help them advance further.

Engaging with investors would enhance transparency of information relating to your performance and operations. Empowering your investment community to grasp the strategic significance of your ASX announcements.

You wouldn’t want to alienate investors with information that’s out of date or incomplete, would you? Here are 3 helpful tips to engage with investors through your website:

1. Provide an email alerts service

An email alerts service will help you keep in touch with your investor audience quickly. This tool will allow you to send out your ASX announcements and other news items immediately upon release.

So don't miss out on communicating directly to investors who subscribe to receive your emails. They've provided you their email addresses because they're interested in your company. Don't waste this opportunity with a slow message delivery.

2. Offer a foreign language page

It's good to offer at least a key page for main foreign language investors. Because not all investors have English as their main language. Providing information in their native tongue will have them more engaged.

You can use Google translate to do this but beware of the reliability of translation of technical information with this method. Maybe best to tap into a translation service to cover all bases.

3. Use email addresses from share registries

Share registries collect email addresses to send communications to existing shareholders. They also furnish these email addresses to your company for your email alerts list.

You can use such list to reach all investors, current or otherwise. It will give you a wider audience wanting information. Who knows, maybe a previous investor would make a comeback through your engagement?


Let’s recap

Keeping your investors well-informed will facilitate a solid understanding of your company. Engage with them through an email alerts service and use email addresses from share registries. You can also provide a foreign language page for investors who don't have English as their main language. These efforts will help stakeholders remain engaged and invested in  your business.


Take this further

IRM can assist with a full website review to ensure your site engages well with investors.

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