How to maintain your investor website without the hassle

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Some love and attention.

Yup! Your investor website needs those too!

This means you’ve got to do regular maintenance.

Come on now.

Don’t just build and forget your site. It’ll waste the hard work you put into creating that well-designed and engaging Web page.

The last thing you want is for investors to visit your page and see the “latest news” you posted three years ago. Uh-oh!

If your website is well-maintained, it will attract new users and maintain the interest of current ones.

Your up-to-date site will ensure your audience’s experience is fresh and exciting. Conveying that you are active and on top of things. That your company communicates well and can be trusted.

That’s why regular website maintenance is crucial to any business - big or small.

Here are 3 hints to maintain your site sans the trouble:

1. Equip your website with a great content management system (CMS)

A site that’s hard to maintain will fall behind, and investors’ progression rates will suffer.

It’s key to have a CMS that’s well-tailored to your needs. It’ll make updating your website simpler and more efficient. Where it is as simple to update a web page as it is to amend a word document.

Have a CMS that allows you to add new pages and change navigation easily. One that lets you revise content and design as separate aspects, without one disrupting the other.

This CMS should also be capable of upgrading itself to be in step with new technology.

2. Apply clever automation for news and updates

Still manually uploading news items to your webpages? Save yourself the trouble.

Look to automate updates as much as possible. Specifically, at the point of release of your ASX Announcements.

Institutionalise the process. Make it possible for relatively junior people to produce good quality online IR with little effort.

3. Maximize your website's reach with social media

Your up-to-date site could benefit a lot from social media.

Social media amplifies your news. It helps catch investors’ attention and directs them to your website for your annual reports and other announcements.

So, have a slick internal process for posting key messages to your social media accounts immediately. As news happens.

This drives more traffic back to your site, where investors can access a whole heap of information about your company.

There you go!

Keeping your website current helps you attract and retain your investor audience. Eventually, winning their trust. So, get a great CMS that supports your webpage. Use clever automation for updates to be shared quickly. And don’t forget to tap into social media to expand your reach.

Now, your move

IRM can assist with a full website review to help your investor site become easy to maintain.

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