How to Write a Blog Post via IRM Newsroom

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When was the last time you connected with your investors? Communicating with shareholders is undeniably a vital element of a well-managed ASX-listed company. And a corporate blog is a simple yet direct channel you can use to meet this communication need.

A company blog is a user-friendly platform that empowers a business to engage with the investor community, including current and potential stockholders. Think of it as a short thoughtful letter that contains timely and relevant information to your stakeholders. It’s also a reliable source of data where venture capitalists and angel investors can consider a prospective investment in your business.

A corporate blog is a simple yet direct channel to communicate with investors.

In addition, your blog would bring more traffic to your website and more links necessary for SEO, especially if you include social media sharing in your site. This significant traffic will result in an increased awareness amongst your investor audience.

So how do you write a blog post? Here are 3 quick steps on writing one and promptly sharing it hassle-free through the IRM Newsroom.

Step #1: Strategize your blog post

Before you begin writing, understand your target audience, that is, your existing shareholders and possible investors. Intentionally set them in mind as you organise your thoughts and compose your write-up. Imagine speaking to them through your blog post.

Next, select a topic and a working title for your post, then make an outline of what you’ll be talking about. In your outline, don’t forget to give an intro that would grab the reader’s attention and state the purpose of your piece.

IRM Newsroom integrates with WordPress to facilitate a smooth blogging experience.

Step #2: Write your blog post

With your outline as a guide, write in a reader-friendly style to ensure investment or industry-specific topics are easy to understand. Include links, photos, videos or presentations to support your subject matter and enhance your article. A call-to-action section at the end of your blog post would be helpful to indicate what you want your audience to do after reading it, such as checking out your company’s products or reaching out to your team. Remember to edit or proofread your article and adjust your formatting. Finalise your title to one your subscribers can’t miss as well.

Newbie at blogging? No worries! WordPress and IRM Newsroom can help. Our proprietary tool is a powerful news and media aggregation and distribution application. It is integrated with popular blog app WordPress to facilitate a smooth blogging experience on your website. This combined capability allows you to simply layout your post, schedule when you want it published, leverage SEO features and distribute to your audience using IRM Newsroom.

Step #3: Share your blog post via IRM Newsroom

Once you’re ready to share your blog post, simply utilise the IRM Newsroom to instantly publish your piece in your website. At the same time, you can use IRM Newsroom to simultaneously send the post via email to subscribers or as a link in your social media channels, like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. Such a time-saving means to communicate to stakeholders with ease!

Moreover, if you want your audience to get used to checking your website for new blog posts, regularly schedule your posts; whether it be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Sharing your write-ups through social media helps alert them about your latest news too.

IRM Newsroom instantly shares your blog post via website, email and social media.

Considering a blog to connect with investors?

IRM Newsroom can easily integrate with your website to provide a trouble-free blogging platform for you. Click this link to check out our plans and prices that would best match your business.

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