How well do you understand the investor journey? [Infographic]

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Understanding the investor journey

As an ASX-listed company, you're continually marketing your shares to a largely unknown audience of potential investors mainly through an online process, worldwide.

It’s a daily competition. It’s a worldwide online competition. And there are plenty of other choices for investors.

But if you do this job better and more consistently than other companies, you will likely achieve more interest in your stock. The more competition for your stock, the better your share price.

Understanding the investor journey is key to your successful online investor relations. You will need to know the stages investors go through as they learn about your company, engage with you, become shareholders and remain committed enough to recommend you to others.

Previously, we’ve discussed that...

  • the investor journey is personal for each individual
  • investors will use touchpoints as they move through their journey, and
  • investment decisions will be based on both information and impressions

It’s essential to know where and when investors might use certain touchpoints. And what they want to know and feel at each stage of their journey. So that you can be there for them and provide directions for the next stage.

Click here for a refresher on the components of the investor journey. For easy reference, here’s a quick infographic to remind you of the 3 simple takeaways.


Infographic on Understanding the Investor Journey


Help is at hand

You don’t have to do this alone. You can always get some assistance with your online IR.

As online investor communications specialists, IRM understands how you can best support investors in their investment journey. We help around 170 clients with their online investor touchpoints – websites, news, social media, reports and online tools.

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