HQi Users: Grow your email subscribers with secure registration

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Secure subscription

  • Your website has a built-in authentication process to secure subscription for your email alerts.
  • This method facilitates a subscriber base that's not only engaged but also safeguarded against potential data breaches.
  • Subscribers will be authenticated in 3 easy steps.

Effective communication while prioritising security is vital for your ASX-listed company. That's where HQi steps in with its innovative 2-way authentication process for your email alerts subscription.

As your website’s content management system, HQi provides a robust 2-way authentication process designed to fortify the security of your email alerts subscription. This process adds an extra layer of verification, ensuring that only legitimate subscribers gain access to your invaluable communications.

The result? A subscriber base that's not only engaged but also safeguarded against potential security breaches. 

Why subscriber authentication is ideal

  • Streamlines subscriber verification. With this setup, investors can verify their identity to reinforce the integrity of your subscriber base. This quick and seamless process not only enhances security but also guarantees that your communications reach a genuinely interested audience.
  • Provides enrolment efficiency. As part of the process, the confirmation step clearly declares investors’ successful enrolment in your mailing list. This immediate feedback not only assures subscribers of their registration but also showcases your commitment to streamlined communication.
  • Maintains mailing list quality. HQi's 2-way authentication process serves as a proactive approach to maintaining a clean and engaged subscriber list. This prudent measure ensures that your subscriber database remains up to date, comprising individuals who actively seek your updates, while averting bots and spammers.

Email alertsSubscribers will be verified once they sign up to receive your email alerts.

Subscribe in 3 easy steps

1. Register – Investors register to receive your email alerts through a sign-up form on your website.

2. Verify – Soon as investors register, they will receive a verification email with a link to make sure they are the real deal, not bots.

3. Confirm - After verifying within 48 hours, investors will be directed to a page confirming they’ve successfully enlisted as active subscribers in your mailing list. Otherwise, their email address will be deactivated in your HQi subscriber list.

Advance your email alerts subscription

Strike a balance between communication efficacy and security with HQi's 2-way authentication process for email alerts subscribers. This security measure demonstrates your dedication to providing valuable information to your discerning investor audience.  

We got you

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