Introducing Incremental Oil and Gas’ Newest Website

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Incremental website’s new features are geared for its investment community.

Seen the latest website of Incremental Oil and Gas Ltd (ASX: IOG)? It just became more investor-friendly! Here’s how the oil and gas producing company tweaked its site for the better.

As part of efforts to boost investor relations, Incremental got down with IRM to redesign the website with modern colours and style. Advanced functionalities were also added to the site, which runs on HQi, IRM’s proprietary content management system.

Incremental’s home page now unfolds a contemporary look with moving images. The page brings forward various features, such as a company video and several projects in onshore USA. An investor fact sheet and portfolio of producing assets are emphasised in the home page, as well as selected ASX Announcements. Not to forget, there’s an email alerts form where current or potential investors can subscribe for company news.

For smooth navigation, the website’s internal pages have images and buttons for accessibility and printing. And Incremental can easily modify the site’s internal pages and certain home page features through HQi. Yes, even without the help of a web developer. HQi’s dashboard is very manageable, you know.

The website is fully responsive for different devices, like mobile phones and tablets. It’s equipped with SEO capability and has Google Analytics tracking code in all pages. This helps Incremental to increase its site’s visibility on search engine results. A good move for potentially expanding its investor audience.

In fact, the site is even social media savvy. Connected with the company’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts via IRM Newsroom. IRM’s news aggregation and delivery tool allows Incremental to send communications effortlessly to stakeholders in various ways. Whether it be through its website, email or social media accounts.

Incremental’s updated site is equipped with social media and SEO capabilities.

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