Introducing IRM’s new website, latest products and client faves

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IRM new website

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we’re excited to share with you some of the key IRM products and services that have defined our milestone year. 

What’s new at IRM? To start off, we’ve launched our new website and one of our newest products, the IRM Events event management tool. Read on for more details!

Let’s also chat through some of our clients’ favourites, such as the IRM Newsroom news delivery tool along with other online IR tools that have become popular with ASX-listed companies through the years. You can get the latest on our Investor Relations Advisory Panel (IRAP) and Partner Program as well. 

IRM’s new website

Say hello to IRM’s new website:! It’s fresh look and feel was designed especially for you, our clients and partners. 

Some of the great features of this upgraded site include clean modern aesthetics, easy navigation and helpful resources. It offers a better way to learn more about our products and services at the click of a button.

Our new site reflects how IRM is at the forefront of industry trends and technology. It also makes evident our commitment to continually improve our business offerings for our stakeholders.

IRM Events – event management at your fingertips

You can have great messages, a top presentation, and organise a great event, but if no-one comes...

IRM Events is our latest product that enables you to run your own events – onsite, online or a combination of both. See how IRM Events sets you up for a winning event:

  • Manages the invitation and registration process
  • Integrates with your website via an Events List and Event Details pages
  • Sends invitations and follow-ups to your email alerts subscriber lists
  • Manages your event registration process
  • Integrates with your attendees’ personal calendars
  • Keeps track of event statistics

Consider it for low-cost ways of improving attendance at your next AGM, running investor presentations online by yourself or offering executive access for individual meetings. You can use your favourite online system to run the actual event.

Recently, IRM Events helped organise the investor conferences for Resources Rising Stars. It works! Ask us for a special introductory offer. More on IRM Events soon.

IRM EventsIRM Events empowers you to manage your onsite or online events. 

IRM Newsroom – fast news delivery to your investors

Investors want the news. Now. They are waiting at the touchpoint of their choosing and email is still the best way to reach them.

That’s why IRM clients just love IRM Newsroom, our news delivery tool for ASX-listed companies. It’s our signature product that’s unique to IRM.

Here’s how IRM Newsroom empowers your investor communications:

  • Publishes news on your website, in all the appropriate pages
  • Distributes emails to your distribution lists
  • Keeps track of email responses of every investor subscriber
  • Publishes news on social media
  • Fits with any website
  • Helps build your investor audience
  • Integrates with third-party news services

For ASX Announcements, IRM Newsroom does all this automatically, and within a minute of the release.

IRM provides more online IR tools

Have you heard of IRM's latest offerings for clients and partners? Consider these cutting-edge products and services to optimise your online investor communications:

  • HQi features – New web pages for AGMs, interactive maps, showcases, online reports and more!
  • Support for IPOs – Assistance on your website from pre-prospectus to prospectus stage through your listing day.
  • Designed annual reports – Try a comparison quote here or view examples in this link
  • Share and commodity prices and charts – Available in multiple exchanges
  • Sustainability sections and reports – To facilitate ESG best practices for investors and stakeholders
  • Share registry integration – Auto-update delivery of your top shareholders on your website
  • Non-investor audiences – To cater to your different audiences, such as contractors, staff, community or customers

IRM online toolsIRM Newsroom and other online tools are some of our client favourites.

IRM's IRAP to improve your website

Don't let your online investor presence get out of date! IRM's Investor Relations Advisory Panel (IRAP) brings our best minds together to help enhance your website. Tap into the benefits of IRAP:

  • Free for IRM website clients
  • Periodic functionality review of your online investor presence
  • Produces a list of IR suggestions and presentation of priority ones
  • Presented to you through your Client Relations Manager
  • Recorded in HQi for you to remember and action when you're ready
  • Request for an IRAP review today!

IRM’s Partner Program

Under IRM’s Partner Program, we collaborate with IR consultants and service providers in many dimensions to provide the finest online presence for our clients:

  • IR consultants' websites
  • Investor newsletters
  • Multi-ticker websites
  • Conference websites
  • IRM Events
  • Keep in Touch program
  • Very competitive prices
  • Individual, tailored programs

Exciting times, indeed! These are just a few of our endeavours to provide high-quality online investor communications products and services for our clients and partners. 

Would you like a demo on IRM Events or Newsroom? Perhaps you’d like some assistance on your website needs? Ring us on +61 2 8705 5444 or email today to get started.