Introducing the brand new website for InterRisk Insurance

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After IRM completed the re-branding and rebuild of the AUB Group website in late 2015 ( ), IRM were approached to do the same for their secondary company InterRisk. InterRisk offers complete broking and claims services for Australian and International Businesses.

The company is not listed on the ASX, but a new website was required as part of their brand refresh, and for their day-today customers to retrieve quotes and information on the business.

New designs were provided by InterRisk’s brand agency, these included a new navigation, a new logo, colour palette and graphics. IRM built the new website from the ground-up, incorporating the bold new design and new features.  The website was built with an extremely fast turn around of a few weeks.

The client was also provided with detailed hands-on training on how to amend the website content and structure through our HQi Content Management system so they can update the site accordingly if required. And not forgetting that IRM support staff are always on hand to help if there are questions along the way.

Congratulations to InterRisk on their new website! We invite you to have a look here.

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