IRM client websites outperform the industry on mobiles and desktops

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IRM client websites outperform the industry on mobile websites and desktops

IRM tested 1305 ASX listed company websites (with market cap over $5m) in May 2016.

We are pleased to advise that IRM developed websites outperform the ASX averages in all categories. This is just one more way the IRM assists its clients to stand out from the crowd.

Google Mobile Tests

The measures used here are the Google mobile tests and the Google page speed insight tests. We used the published URL of the website (as provided by the ASX) as input to the tests.

The tests indicate whether tie web page is mobile friendly, the Mobile Speed, Mobile Usability Experience (UX), and the Desktop Speed – the last three expressed by Google as a percentage score.

Mobile Friendly Sites

This data refers to 772 ASX listed mobile friendly websites, compared with IRM’s mobile friendly websites.

  • The average mobile speed of listed company sites is 56.4. IRM clients scored 62.4.
  • The average mobile UX of listed company sites is 96.9. IRM clients scored 97.7.
  • The average desktop speed of listed company sites is 67.4. IRM clients scored 74.3.

The average market cap of the ASX listed company sites tested is $1,391m. The average market cap of IRM clients’ mobile sites is $376m. This shows that you don’t need to be a large company to stand out from the crowd.

All Sites

All IRM clients scored

  • 63.5 on mobile speed vs 58.9 for all companies
  • 89.9 on mobile UX vs 85.0 for all companies, and
  • 74.8 on desktop speed vs 68.8 for all companies.

IRM has an above average number of smaller market cap clients. The average market cap of all IRM clients, both mobile friendly and not mobile friendly, is $296m, vs the average of all ASX listed company sites of $1,235m. IRM’s few remaining non mobile friendly sites (above $5m market cap) average just $75m market cap.

Other issues

These tests, courtesy of Google, apply to the website page tested. However, there’s a lot more to an effective mobile online presence.

Your email alert templates, newsletters, annual reports and all the investor tools need to be responsive as well. At IRM, how else would we do it?

Best news of all?

What do you need to do to have an IRM online presence that is fully responsive and a website that performs well in all these tests?

Do nothing special, just leave it to IRM.

All IRM websites built since 2013 are responsive to all devices.

How to get to Responsive

We understand the redeveloping a full website might be a daunting process. Many companies doing this choose to re-think their messages, images, and content generally across the site. This can be a large and time consuming exercise.

To get to responsive, you don’t need to do all that, though if you do need to, responsive becomes a by-product of the project.

A site migration to IRM’s HQi technology can preserve your existing investment in content and messages. It’s a “technology transplant” of the content to the IRM responsive platform.

Explore a site migration on this page of the IRM website.

When you’re with IRM, we leave you to concentrate on your investor messages, and we look after all the technology.

More information

The details of the IRM May 2016 mobile friendly website research results are in this blog post.

There is more information at about mobile websites an site migrations. There is a blog post about the importance of responsive design here, and the importance of “Mobile” as a Success Factor in online investor communications is explored in our website page on success factors here and in our Success Factors White Paper here.

Would you like to stand out from the crowd? Talk to IRM about a fully responsive online presence. Contact us, call Danny Hunt on  +61 2 8705 5444, or email him at