IRM HQi 4.5 Release Notes

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We’re happy to announce another new release of our software – HQi 4.5 is here. As usual we’ve been busy behind the scenes adding new features and improving the staples. If you have any questions regarding the new update or would like to arrange a demo, please feel free to get in touch.

Read on to discover what’s new and what’s changed…

Social Media Token Expiration Notifications

IRM Newsroom has the ability to publish your announcements and other news to Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

The security and privacy settings at these companies require you to login again every 90 days, which means you’ll have to relink Newsroom to your account at the same time when this security token expires.

If you try to publish news to a social media account where you’ve been logged out, we’ll send you a friendly reminder email to let you know that you’ll just need to hop in and log on again to re-establish the connection.

Simple Form for Email Sign Ups

We now offer the ability for a simple sign up form that can be integrated almost anywhere on your site.

Sometimes visitors will not want to fill in lots of details as part of a sign up so this can allow them to simply add their email address to receive updates. We know that investors go through an investor journey before they decide to invest in your company and signing up for your email alerts is a crucial step – make sure it’s easy for them to do so.

Here’s a nice example from the new Thorn Group website:

IRM Newsroom Menu Items

We’ve moved some of the dashboard menu items together so that the elements regarding your ASX announcements can be found under the Newsroom module.

What’s changed?

All that has changed is that we’ve moved the Upload Historically and Edit Announcement options from their own section so they now sit within the IRM Newsroom module.

The functionality is the same, it’ just a bit of housekeeping on our side.

IRM Newsroom to handle multiple ticker codes

Newsroom can now run multiple ticker feeds and use different distribution channels for each.

Ideal for clients such as property trusts that deal with more than one listed fund. These can now be managed through one content management system, making it easier for the end user to control all of their announcements.

Add http & https dropdown in redirect page setting

On redirect pages, you can now choose from http or https from the dropdowns.

Image galleries – ability to add individual alt tags

Image alt tags are great for SEO. Now you can add and edit these more easily for each individual image via the content management system.

Ability to view list pages with unapproved content from HQi

When adding items to list pages you can now preview the list page itself with your unpublished item shown.