IRM HQi 5.3 Release Notes: New timeline and upgrades

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Helping you manage your website smoothly. That’s our goal.

That’s why our HQi content management system (CMS) consistently improves to make you a happy HQi user. Because a good CMS at the heart of your website keeps your content fresh and up-to-date.

In this latest version, you’ll be able to manage your timeline more easily, without help from support, once it’s all set up. You’ll also find performance improvements in other functions, like your email alerts, calendar, and list pages. Check out more details on these new features below.


Manage your TIMELINE like a pro

Now you can promote all your company milestones through your timeline with ease. No need to ask assistance from support. Just have us format your timeline with your choice of images and layout. Have the dates arranged in vertical or horizontal orientation. Then, you can start adding as much events you want to highlight them in your history.

New timeline in HQi 5.3


Boost subscribers in your EMAIL ALERTS

Investors, analysts and other subscribers can now register in a jiffy to receive your email alerts. Because your email alerts form can now be as brief as 3 fields: first name, last name and email address. More subscriptions to be expected through this quick sign-up.

Email alerts in HQi 5.3


Push events in your CALENDAR

AGMs, investor presentations or roadshows, product launches. These are just some important events that shouldn’t be missed. With the upgraded HQi, you can now create categories in your calendar to draw attention to these key activities. So similar events can be shown on one page for quick reference. You can change the format of dates in your calendar as well.

Calendar in HQi 5.3


Smarten up your LIST PAGES

Your list pages usually cover several articles itemised in one page, such as your ASX announcements, annual reports, or presentations. Now you can opt to have older items hidden or archived. So you can tidy up your list and emphasise the most recent ones. Moreover, links used within list pages are no longer limited to external ones. You can now include internal links to reference articles or files within your web pages.

List page in HQi 5.3


Heighten your website’s SEO through HQi Blog

The enhanced HQi Blog has additional settings to facilitate more SEO techniques. For instance, we can help you set up your blog page default title to optimise your URL in every post you publish. This will make your website more visible to customers and investors through Google or other search engines.

Blog in HQi 5.3


Define your CAREERS PAGE

A job posting on your careers page can now include the end date of the application period. This can help job seekers hasten the submission of their application before the deadline looms. Helping you be on track with the employment process. Or you can leave the end date open if the hiring period is continuously ongoing.

Careers page in HQi 5.3


Put your AUDIT TRAIL to good use

Good news for Admin users! HQi’s audit trail function has become more user friendly. With this less techy jargon, you can simply track how and when your team accessed HQi, and what modifications they performed. This would come in handy when an error was made in editing a web page. An audit trail would allow you to look back at older versions of the existing page so you can fix it right away.

Audit trail in HQi 5.3


Add NOTES on HQi pages

In your HQi dashboard, Admin users can put notes on pages to indicate specific descriptions or internal comments about the pages. A useful tool for your team of users. For example, you can put a note on a foreign language page to point out the specific language it contains. Or you can pin a note on a page that hasn’t gone live to let other users know that the page is still under construction.

Notes in HQi 5.3


More help needed?

For a demo or more details on these new features, chat our IRM Support team on +61 2 8705 5444 or email

Other support options and quick links are also available at our Help Centre. Or visit our website for more information.