IRM HQi 6.0 Release Notes: Responsive design, My Account and more great features

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Announcing the latest new release of IRM HQi, incorporating IRM Newsroom, we offer a fully functional HQi experience on mobile devices and tablets and a full display from IRM's CRM system of all of the account data we have in a new "My Account" Section. We've upgraded and simplified the navigation, made a number of usability improvements, and added some new IR tools.

We've added a capability for IRM to provide additional help through a series of complimentary "IR Suggestions" and the ability to ask us to implement them from right within HQi. You can also see your full support history, lodge support requests and monitor progress on support tasks. 

HQi on tabletHQi's new responsive design works effortlessly on your mobile devices.

You can now filter "Price Sensitive" ASX Announcements separately, display a Top 20 shareholder page direct from the share register (for Computershare clients), or use our new "library" premium feature. There are changes to biography, careers, the blog, and email alerts. And more. It's our most significant and richest release for some time. 

There are more details below and this might be the best time to ask us to refresh your training so you can run through all the new features.

HQi and Newsroom continue to grow as we help to enhance our client's IR functions. Discover HQi 6.0 and experience its new responsive design, personal account page and further enhancements.

Here's a bit more about the main changes:

1. RESPONSIVE DESIGN that’s perfect for mobility

You can now use HQi even while you’re on the go! HQi and Newsroom have adopted a responsive design that adjusts to any screen size. So, it will work well whether you’re using an oversized desktop monitor, a laptop, smartphone or tablet. The platform will be readable and easy to navigate, with all features accessible.

HQi’s main menu has been re-organised for easier navigation and improved usability as well. And the Dashboard is easier to understand while still having a wealth of information about what's going on. Check out the latest dashboard’s clean look!

HQi on phoneHQi's new "My Accounts" section gives you quick access to your current plans and support requests.

2. “MY ACCOUNT” page for transparency about the IRM relationship

Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily check the status of your support requests? Or review what your current set of HQi and IRM Newsroom Ongoing Plans include? Yes, that’s now possible with HQi’s new “My Account” section.

Make direct contact with your Client Relationship Manager, check out and change your own details, and look at the details IRM has about all the people in your company.

My Account allows you to view your Ongoing Plans and find out more about each of them through a link to the IRM Product Catalogue. It also has suggestions about other IRM Plans you might wish to consider, based on your current Plans, and Product Catalogue information about the suggestions. Request a change to the Plans directly from within HQi My Account.

3. “MY ACCOUNT” Support and Suggestions

Check out all your company's current and past support requests, progress and status, with details of each, and the capability to lodge new support requests. Regardless of who in the company asked for the support. 

We've also added a place for our IR Suggestions, where we provide helpful ideas on how to improve your use of HQi and Newsroom for advancing your online investor relations. You can authorise them right there and they will go directly to our support team. 

Past, present and future, of your online IR, all in HQi.

4. NEWSROOM filter for price-sensitive announcements

Get a better handle on delivering price sensitive ASX announcements in Newsroom. With HQi 6.0, you have the option to set Newsroom to behave differently for certain news items in your distribution channels. All you have to do is pre-appoint the web page to display such announcements on your site. You can also pre-determine the email subscribers list or social media channels where you want to send them.

As an added improvement in Newsroom, a more detailed error message will pop up if your file has not been successfully released. This will give information to help you correct the issue.

5. IRM NEWSROOM keyword capabilities enhanced

Manage the release and distribution of ASX Announcements and other news based on keywords in the title. In Release 6.0, some default keywords are set up for you in IRM Newsroom distribution channels, to make the keyword journey as easy as possible. For Presentations and General Meetings, select all announcements and display on a different page, or adjust how they are emailed. Or set up your own keywords.

Use the keyword "reports" to drive IRM production of Online Interactive Reports under the new IRM OIR Plans, which offer far more approachable prices and easier access to great online interactive report documents.

6. EMAIL ALERTS tweaks to optimise communications

Here’s another convenient way for you to manage your Email Alerts. You can now add the company name of subscribers in your database. Making it easy for you to indicate subscribers’ work affiliation in email alerts they receive. It’s helpful when you want to filter email recipients according to company names too.

Did you know your custom email templates can now include HTML links? It’s handy for linking a text or image to another supporting page or document.

7. Auto-update of “TOP 20 SHAREHOLDERS” page

For Computershare clients, your “Top 20 Shareholders” page can be automatically updated through a feed from the share registry. No more worries about keeping this page up to speed!

8. A new “AGM” design page

Highlight all the information about your general meetings on a separate page. Draw attention to the latest (or upcoming) general meeting with all of the announcements that relate to it, and all the history of past general meetings, using the IRM Newsroom keyword capabilities and a designed web page.

IGO's AGM page is a great example of how to highlight details on your annual general meetings page.


Library. Your library files can be selected per category and you can attach other custom fields to each library.

Biography and Careers. Usage improvements have been added, such as showing the custom fields page in Biography.

Blog. Your blog post’s effective date can now be published in your choice of format.

10. More innovative ENHANCEMENTS

List Page icons. You can use different icons (e.g., PDF, Excel, Word) for individual items on your list pages. And your archives can now be presented by month, quarter or year.

Intranet. HQi now maintains a white list for intranet sites that limits usage to your nominated physical locations. An added safety measure certainly goes a long way.

Social Media. Posts now display PDF's far better than before, improving readability and attractiveness of your posts.

Content Manager. When editing a page, you can now add a link to a file in the text editor or upload a file on that page. Images previously stored in HQi can be updated as well.

Plus, there’s a new search box where you can look for a page name or flat page content. The search result will be highlighted in a particular colour.

A little help on the new features?

HQi Release 6.0 will be automatically rolled out to all IRM sites for clients on all HQi and IRM Newsroom Plans over the first couple of weeks in July 2019. We had previously rolled it out to our test sites and a number of selected live sites for final proving of the release.

You need to do nothing to begin to make the benefits available. 

It would be our pleasure to show you the ropes. For a discussion, a demo or a full training refresher, contact your IRM Client Relationship Manager, lodge a support request through HQi, or shoot us an email at


But now, we're busy again - Release 6.1 awaits...