IRM HQi 7.2 Release Notes: event management, email campaign updates and more

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HQi 7.2

New enhancements await users like you in HQi’s upgraded system that powers your website. HQi has once again boosted its performance with fresh features and elevated existing ones to make your user experience better. Because you deserve no less.

A new event management feature, email campaign improvements and an expanded delivery of ASX announcements are just some of the latest capabilities of HQi. Check out its cutting-edge highlights below:

1. Ace your corporate meetings with “IRM Events”

Are you planning an investor conference or roadshow for your IPO? HQi’s new “IRM Events” feature will sure come in handy for your event management. This innovative feature will let you organise and promote your event on your website.

IRM EventsIRM Events allows you to organise and promote events through your website.

You’ll be able to create an event page on your website where you can add the date, time and details, whether for an onsite or online meeting. Then you can send event invitations as well as reminder and follow-up emails to invitees.

Attendees can register through your site, join your subscriber list and gain access to your in-person gathering or live stream. You can even get event statistics to see who registered, attended or cancelled. Cool bananas, eh! Ask us for a complete rundown of this nifty tool.

Events pageIRM Events helps manage corporate events, like the recent RRS investor conference.

2. Take charge of your email campaigns

Have a taste of better usability with our improved email campaigns that make it easier to pick a template for your company news. You can now rename template headings to include more information and see when a template was last used through a timestamp. You may even clone an email template you like. Or opt for HQi’s new email placeholders, which allows you to modify elements in your template without coding know-how or worrying to wreck the template's styling.

Email templateHQi's email campaign offers more usability with templates.

Also, HQi’s email campaign function has a subscriber activity stream that enables you to see responses from specific subscribers. It allows you to track when you’ve sent an email to a subscriber and if the person opened your email, clicked on a link, or unsubscribed from your mailing list. You’ll catch delivery failures as well, indicating invalid email addresses, bouncebacks or spam reports.

Subscriber activities
HQi lets you track subscriber activity to see how they engage with your emails.

Moreover, additional tools have been brought into HQi for you to effortlessly manage subscribers from one location. For instance, you can modify details of a single subscriber, such as move him/her to a different group or deactivate his/her subscription. Or you can update a group of subscribers in one go through a spreadsheet or manual selection. This means you can upload many subscribers, suspend sending emails, unsubscribe many subscribers in a bulk action, among other capabilities. 

Manage subscribersHQi enables you to manage subscribers in a single or bulk action.

3. Secure login with a two-way authentication

For extra security, HQi now provides an option for two-way authentication to login. This feature needs to be setup in “Settings” under “Preferences.” Once activated, a verification code will be asked when a user signs in. The user will need to input the code sent to his/her email address to get into the platform.

Two way authenticationHQi's new login authentication offers additional security for users.

4. Send announcements from different ASX tickers with ease

Are you a parent company managing ASX announcements for your organisation, including your subsidiaries? HQi can now gather the announcements coming from various ASX tickers and deliver them to specific subscriber groups, such as investors for each company. This new ability via IRM Newsroom sends separately branded news emails from multiple listed company ticker codes.

ASX tickerHQi facilitates sending of announcements from different ASX tickers.

It's likewise great for conference organisers or IR consultants as multiple instances of IRM Newsroom are able to communicate with email subscriber groups of each other, while preserving privacy. All you need to do is set up the subscriber groups that would receive the corresponding announcements and HQi will deliver your news accordingly. You'll get more done in less time.

5. Boost investor attendance with Calendar reminders

With HQi's improved Calendar feature, investors can now add your company events to their personal calendars, whether in Google, Outlook or Apple device. What a great way for them to be reminded of your meeting and not miss it. More attendees, more participation on your corporate gatherings, be it virtual or face-to-face.

HQi CalendarHQi enables your events to be added to investors' personal calendars.

6. Customise internal pages as you like them 

No longer just the homepage, now you can personalise any design page within your website, like your investor welcome or AGM page. Ask us to arrange this for you initially, so you can be free to change images or content on the page whenever you need to. Gone are the days when you'd wait for web developers to set it up - though we'd be happy to assist you anytime.

7. Plus, more advanced capabilities in HQi 

  • A Redirection module has been installed for changes in your URL when you rename a page or reupload a PDF. This ensures your links won't get broken and helps with user experience as well as SEO.
  • An extra layer of security for sending emails is now in place to guard against email bots that automatically do checks. This means when you approve an email, you'll be directed to a confirmation page before it is released.
  • An automatic image thumbnail generator has been put up for third-party news on your list pages, such as your Media Centre. This facility duplicates the featured image of the article and displays it on your list page when you add the link in the external link input field of the news item.

Go for a test drive

Benefit from HQi’s enhanced capabilities that now empower you with event management through “IRM Events” and further upgrades. HQi’s latest version equips you to take charge of your email campaigns and send announcements from different ASX tickers. Plus, you can have confidence in its two-way login authentication and more performance improvements in page customisation and calendar feature. What’s not to like?

Of course, HQi 7.3 will be coming your way soon. Until then...

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