IRM improves client support capability

Posted in IRM News

We’ve always been proud of our personal service and quick response to support requests. To continue to improve our support, we’ve grown our team.

We have two new client support team members, another web developer and expanded our marketing team. Jeff, Mischelle and Raanz already have several months of IRM experience and are now delivering good results for you behind the scenes. And we’ve just recruited Rosanna (you can call her Sanna) who will be helping us with marketing.

We’ve also recently implemented SugarCRM as our key support tool. It contains all the latest information, support requests and work in progress for every client, and is accessible real time by all of our team.

Now, anyone at IRM can assist with any query, so you don’t need to rely on tracking down your account manager.

Email enquiries and support requests can still be directed to the individuals you know in IRM – there’s no need to change. Alternatively you can email Either way, a member of the support team will pick up the request, and the best person will action it quickly.

Still personalised, now backed by a bigger team with better systems, and more improvements to come, our support service will hopefully just keep getting better.