IRM Newsroom upgrades to expand access, affordability

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IRM announces cheaper, easier access to an improved IRM Newsroom, a powerful news and media aggregation and distribution tool for ASX-listed companies.

How good is this!

For 2018, Newsroom introduced new features to help companies like you better communicate with investors. Now there’s more access and economical plans for this popular service.

You can cost-effectively get your ASX Announcements published on your channels within a minute of the release – reliably, accurately, with almost no effort, and remain completely in control.

Key new initiatives include:

Low Prices

You can implement IRM Newsroom for a fixed implementation cost of $1500. And there are cheaper and more flexible ongoing plans – access is from as little as $85 per month.

Incorporate into any website

Keep your website, upgrade the news on it. Newsroom’s published web content can be incorporated into any website, not just IRM websites. Various technical integration methods will be provided for you, depending on the nature of your site. You’ll be able to easily add your feeds and be up and running before too long.

For IRM HQi websites, there is a tight integration with HQi as part of a common content management system.

Slick social media and blog features

Newsroom provides the ability to automatically post tweets and news items, including ASX Announcements, to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook as soon as they are published. Post just the announcement, or add to it with your chosen wording.

Clients with YouTube channels for their videos can have a dedicated page on their website, hosted by Newsroom or HQi. That page can provide the list of videos, perhaps a “brief” about each, and a link to the YouTube piece. Then email, post and display your new video from right there within Newsroom.

There’s a new built-in blogging system in Newsroom too. It’s where you can easily tell your story with blog posts including specified keywords, featured images, briefs, and more, for immediate distribution through all your Newsroom channels.

Additional news sources

Newsroom connects to feeds such as your ASX Announcements and monitors for releases that include your ticker code. It can also link to your WordPress Blogs as well as media outlets, including Boardroom.Media, Proactive Investors, Financial News Network and ABN Newswire. Or create your own news piece right there.

Select the right distribution

You have complete control of the news you publish. You can post to all channels, such as your website, email subscribers and social media accounts. Or you can set up different defaults by type of news and override them for particular pieces. All entirely up to you.

Easy to use

You can decide on functions that are really simple to use or very sophisticated ones. For instance, you can have a choice of automatic publishing or a one-click authorise process to publish news. Or you can opt for simple editing to change distribution per message.

Free Trial

Try before you buy with a free trial for initial access. Just fill out this form and we’ll send you all the information you need to get your feeds on your website as soon as possible.

In conclusion, Newsroom’s new features make it even easier for you to publish all your news – update your website, send to email subscribers and post to social media channels. Helping you keep investors and stakeholders informed immediately as the news happens.

Now it’s your move

Ask for your free Newsroom trial today. You may also contact us on +61 2 8705 5444 or for a discussion or demo.

You’re in good company with Newsroom. In 2017, our clients sent more than 484,000 emails each month to over 120,000 subscribers through Newsroom. Check out the numbers!

Some FAQs are available on this page. And more details can be found on our IRM website.