#livewirelive investor forum with commentary from industry greats

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In June 2015, we managed to secure an invitation to an exclusive and entertaining investor forum, hosted by Livewire – a packed room of investors gathered to see industry experts engage in lively debate around various topical investment themes.

Thanks to the Livewire team for allowing us to repost the video from the event, which features Geoff Wilson, Ben Griffiths and Anton Tagliaferro, with moderation from Matthew Kidman and introductions from Tom McKay and Arnie Selvarajah.


The #livewirelive panel covered many of the key issues facing investors today.

In this lively discussion, the panel debates the global macro setting, the ‘yield trade’ versus growth, sectors that will perform best as the US starts raising rates and the places you should not be investing.

To access the broadcast and full event program, including three high conviction stock ideas, click here or on the image below. (NB: You will need to log in or register for free to access the broadcast)

Video timestamps:

• Introduction from Tom McKay, Co-Founder, Livewire Markets
• Disruptive technology – Arnie Selvarajah, CEO, Bell Direct (starts at 7:03 minute mark)
• Panel session (starts at 12:40 minute mark)

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